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Europe to Allow Vaccinated Americans to Travel to Continent This Summer

The American vaccination program has been so successful that the unthinkable even a few months ago has happened. So much for competence.

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Join Expedia, Guesty, Sonder and Getaway, at Skift Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit

On May 19, you'll hear from top leaders for interviews with Skift editors and research analysts as we uncover what might happen next for both short-term rentals and outdoor travel companies. Learn more about our speakers and secure your ticket now.

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The Promise of Open U.S.-UK Travel This Summer: Where Does It Stand?

The prospect of a transatlantic travel bubble between the U.S. and the UK has many travel industry leaders hopeful the summer season can be salvaged. But how a travel corridor may work and what proof of vaccinations will be required are details that have yet to be hammered out.

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Amtrak Prepares for Close-Up When the Oscars Go Live at L.A.’s Union Station

When jet-setting Hollywood chooses a train station, yes, a train station, for its biggest night of the year, you know the rail industry is having its 15 minutes in the limelight. Oscars buzz can be short-lived. Amtrak and its biggest fan at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hope that isn't the case this year.

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Behind-The-Scenes With American Demothballing Jets From Pandemic Storage

Airlines have come a long way from the dark days of the pandemic when idled jets lined runways around the world. On the ground in Tulsa, we check out the meticulous way American is taking its last few aircraft out of mothballs with an opportunistic eye towards summer.

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How Luxury Travel Is Leading the Recovery: A Skift Deep Dive

We could all use a splurge after what we've been through. That's why upscale leisure travel is starting to sprint ahead for a phased, market-by-market recovery.

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An Exclusive Look at Marriott’s Terms for Recruiting Short-Term Rental Hosts

Marriott has been in the vacation rental business for nearly two years, and few see it as a threat to the likes of Airbnb and Vrbo. Recent recruitment efforts for new listings and employees show the fledgling division is on track to be an integral part of future revenues for the world's largest hotel company.

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Editor's Picks
6 Major Airlines Ranked on Green Performance: New Skift Research

Pressure is growing on airlines to reduce their carbon emissions. But how do you do that when you burn through gallons of jet fuel? Our analysis found that airlines have made good progress in becoming more fuel efficient, but have a long way to go to make significant reductions in emissions long-term.

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Can This New Global Community Tourism Network Shift Business Models?

The industry is clamoring for ways to "build back better." Planeterra, created by the founder of G Adventures, is expanding its community tourism model to do just that. Now the ball is in the court of destinations, resorts and tour companies — will they commit to partnering with their communities?

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What Role Will Event Apps Play in Keeping Events Safe?

Mobile technology is sure to play a critical role in our much-desired return to in-person events, yet event apps are currently not top of mind. Will they be used to help ensure a Covid-safe environment? If so, can planners force all attendees to use them?  

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