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Expedia Group Goes Deeper on Job Cuts

These layoffs at Expedia Group aren't particularly surprising, and were in the offing when travel demand plateaued in many countries starting in July and August. You can expect that Expedia will not be the only company forced into taking another whack at employee payrolls.

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Hotel Revenue: A Recovery Guide for Travel Agencies
Sponsored by Travelport

Our new eBook, Hotel Revenue: A Recovery Guide For Travel Agencies, encourages travel agencies to pivot their value proposition, and hone in on hotel sales as they chart the path to post-Covid recovery.

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Why Every Tech Investor on the Planet Wants to Invest in Virtual Events

Welcome to 0.1 version of the gold rush in the events sector, with dream specs for every tech investor on the planet.

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Expedia Group Sells SilverRail Back to the Rail Aggregator’s Management

SilverRail had become an afterthought in Expedia Group's plans as the online travel agency attempts to simplify its portfolio. SilverRail management, however, still believes in the promise of the sector.

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Why Did the Touchdown of This United Flight Deserve a Zoom Press Conference?

Covid screening is all the rage. But the point where all these trials and pilots materialize into something coherent, with the backing of governments, needs to arrive soon.

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Join Us for Our First Skift Aviation Forum Online on November 19

Our inaugural Skift Aviation Forum will be an essential event for anyone looking to understand the aviation industry's path forward from what has been its greatest crisis. Led by Skift's Airline Weekly and Skift editors, these conversations with CEOs and industry leaders are not to be missed.

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What Can Other Countries Learn From China's Travel Recovery Path?

"In the short term, zero-case-first markets like China should focus on accelerating and capturing emerging growth opportunities and enhancing their high-end offerings, while balance-and-manage markets should continue to focus on building traveler confidence."

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Apple and Snap Offer Augmented Reality That Paints a Vision for Travel’s Virtual Future

Augmented reality will remain a seldom-used novelty for at least five years. But brands ignore the tech at their peril. Innovative travel companies may find chances today for cost-effective ad campaigns via the emerging medium.

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Join Us for Airline Weekly Lounge Live

Unions played a central role in lobbying for — and getting — federal aid for airline workers. Those funds have now run out, and the unions are back at the table to push for more. Air Line Pilots Association President Capt. Joe DePete joins us on our livestream for an update on the state of play. Tune in at 12 p.m. Eastern on Monday, October 26.

Editor's Picks
Comparing Airbnb to Hotels Is a Mistake, IPO Investors Need to Remember That

You wouldn't call DoorDash the world's largest restaurant operator. So don't make the same mistake with Airbnb — there is an important difference between distribution platforms and their suppliers.

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Here’s the Quote That Will Shake the Multi-Billion Dollar Corp Travel Market Out of Its Stupor

That whooshing sound in the corporate travel sector's ear …

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U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit Faults Google for Abusing Monopoly Power — What It Could Mean in Travel

There is no telling how this U.S. Department of Justice lawsuit will turn out, and there likely will be years of legal wrangling. Unlike European Union actions to date, this U.S. lawsuit does address some of the concerns of Google's travel industry competitors.

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