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Marriott Leans Into Superapps to Build Up Loyalty

The likes of Alibaba, Grab, and Rakuten have billions of members. If hotels can tap into a just fraction of their users, and convert them to their own loyalty schemes, they'll be mighty happy.

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Skift Pro
Survey: The Future of the Hospitality Industry

Skift is calling all hospitality leaders to share their thoughts about emerging strategies they used to survive 2020, along with how they are positioning their businesses to capitalize on the recovery to come.

Expedia Adds 25 Million Travelers to Loyalty Program in Challenge to Tripadvisor Subscription Plan

Expedia wants to help people find a new travel companion — namely Expedia. We've heard online travel agencies and others vow to become to become less price-oriented before, but fickle deal hunters will make that a tough pledge to fulfill.

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3 New Tourism Ad Campaigns Striking the Right Tone for These Times

The rise of responsible travel messaging in marketing is a welcome next step, as destinations prepare for the return of large summer crowds locally, and international travelers keep a close eye on their favorite locales. Now's also the time to warn the ugly tourists.

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U.S. Airports Generate Revenue After Losing Billions During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taken a toll on airports. If airports are to thrive, they need to get creative — and fast — to increase revenue streams.

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Register Now for Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit 2021

How can leisure rentals not only capture summer demand but also build deep relationships with this growing market? Join us at this year's Skift Short-Term Rental & Outdoor Summit where we'll attempt to answer questions like this and many more, as we uncover what might happen next for both the short-term rentals and outdoor travel sectors.

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Apple’s Privacy Update May Cripple Some Travel Ad Campaigns

Travel marketers need to fine-tune their digital advertising tactics in response to Apple's imminent privacy move. New data from adtech firm Criteo underscores the opportunities as well as the challenges.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Why Hilton Grand Vacations Upped the Bid in $1.4 Billion Timeshare Takeover

Major travel companies like Hilton Grand Vacations are pumping millions, if not billions, of dollars into the idea travelers favor the familiarity of a brand. If it pays off, the vacuum of boutique offerings will be the next travel investment opportunity.

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Editor's Picks
Puerto Rico Wants Its Share of Remote Workers — Is Now the Best Time?

Tourism boards have a dilemma. Cut off from their offices due to the pandemic, remote workers could be a revenue stream. But governments also have a duty to safeguard the health of their citizens.

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4 Key Takeaways From Skift’s Loyalty and Subscription Summit

The pandemic has proven the resilience of loyalty programs. But it has also suggested the need for travel brands to supplement their loyalty programs with subscription-based products that address complementary needs.

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What Texas' Reopening Can Teach the Event Industry About Mask Mandates

Texas made headlines last month when it lifted all restrictions including its state-wide mask mandate, but industry sources say most businesses are still upholding safety rules that go beyond government requirements — and so far, consumer demand seems to be onside.  

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