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Expedia Trims Business Units, Sees a Trio of Executive Departures

Does the reorganization and leadership shuffle make Expedia Group a proverbial lean, mean fighting machine to better compete? As with all these things, it will all depend on the execution.

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Hong Kong and Singapore Call Off Their Travel Bubble — Again

First it was a spike in Hong Kong, now Singapore's rising numbers have derailed plans. The latest blips across Asia mean these travel bubbles will likely be put on hold for a lot longer.

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Airbnb to Introduce Host Improvements and Flexible Search Tools for Guests

Airbnb is pledging to make improvements to hosts' tools, some of which the company merely announced because implementation will take several months. Hosts will be looking to see if there is substance beyond public relations exercises.

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The Professionalization of Short-Term Rentals at Apartment Complexes Is Speeding Up

When residents of an apartment complex are away, Orion Haus lists and rents the units on their behalf as short-term rentals. A major new deal makes Orion Haus the largest of the apartment management companies, such as Daydream and Natiivo, that are professionalizing the short-term rental sector.

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Call for Entries: Skift IDEA Awards 2021

Entries are now open for 2021 edition of the Skift IDEA Awards, the travel industry's annual recognition of excellence in design, creativity, and innovation. Apply by the June 28 early deadline for the best entry rate.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Hilton Shows Investing in Lifestyle Hotels Isn’t Solely About the Trendy

Lifestyle hotels come in many forms, with some focused more on the hip and trendy while, others like Hilton see it as an opportunity to scale up more experiential and food-focused properties around the world. Long story short: we still don't have a textbook definition for what a lifestyle hotel actually is.

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Investor With $1 Billion War Chest May Pump $200 Million Into College-Focused Hotel Brand

Acore's $200 million investment in Graduate Hotels would be a rare transaction in a hotel investment market where owners and potential buyers can't see eye-to-eye on valuations.

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Editor's Picks
How One Cape Cod Cafe Owner Is Tackling Worker Shortages Ahead of Summer’s Tourism Rush

Spoon and Seed's owner says tough times pushed him to wear his business hat first, and the chef one second. The result —resilience amid a major tourism downturn, with a reimagined menu and a new staff management model built to face the upcoming summer visitor surge.

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Unruly Air Passengers Are Still Unruly

While the numbers of unruly passengers are small, the fines are huge and so can the damage disruptive flyers leave in their wake. As airlines continue revving up for the return to travel, they need to ensure these types of dangerous distractions don't impede bottom lines or customer satisfaction.

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The New Strategies Around One-Day Business Trips

One company's decision to quiz people when booking same-day travel shows yet again how the pandemic will influence future behaviors.

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