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The Lasting Impact of a Year With No Cruises

The world's three largest cruise lines are desperate to stop their $60 billion financial bleed. Destinations have experienced life without megaships for more than year. Is this the end of mass cruising as we knew it or can cruise lines find a place in a more balanced and diversified tourism economy?

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Secure Your Tickets Now For the Skift Loyalty and Subscription Summit

As we're looking towards recovering from the impact of Covid-19, the Skift Loyalty and Subscription Summit will bring together travel leaders to share how they're embracing this new reality, creating travel's new frontier of subscriptions, and defining the new rules of loyalty. Tickets are selling fast, so book yours today.

UK Aims to Restart Some International Travel for Britons by May 17

Britons will have to wait a bit longer to find out where they can travel starting May 17. But it seems likely they'll have to consider different destinations than their past preferences, given that the UK government seems likely to loosen restrictions for countries with high vaccination rates.

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Hipmunk Co-Founders Debut Next-Gen Flight Search Tool to Skirt Online Travel ‘Collusion’

A new business model shall set you free. That's the underpinning of Flight Penguin, with the former Hipmunk gang vowing to overturn the coziness between online travel players and their big-spending partners. Google, Kayak and Expedia have nothing to fear; they will hardly notice.

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Emirates Wants to Shake Up Ticket Sales Through Closer Ties to Travel Agencies

Emirates is one of the largest airlines yet to try to shake up how tickets are sold worldwide. Sabre is at the negotiation table to avoid a content cutoff in July, while other tech partners and travel agencies are still figuring out how to adapt to the new commercial model.

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Hilton Sets Leadership Diversity Goals Ahead of Hotels Jobs Revival

Diversity in leadership makes a company better — period. While to be commended for laying the groundwork for advancing diversity when hiring picks back up, Hilton and other hotel companies can't stop with their latest diversity targets. This needs to be a long-term initiative across the entire industry.

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Luxury Hotel Development Leans More on Having Condos in the Mix

When in doubt, condo it out: Investors sleep a little easier knowing there's a more reliable income stream like high-end housing attached to a hotel project.

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Editor's Picks
New Wheelchair Prototype Seat Promises Accessibility for In-Flight Travel

Passengers traveling with wheelchairs are a billion-dollar industry often ignored by the airlines. Most passengers with disabilities plan trips with friends or family, with the determining factor being the ease of accessibility for wheelchairs. Trains and buses can accommodate. Airlines are long overdue.

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American Road Trips Surpass 2019 Levels as Latest Indicator of Travel Recovery

Americans are hitting the road in big numbers again — another sign that the nation is on the road to domestic tourism recovery. It's a timely boost as international visitors are unlikely to return by the summer.

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4 Charts Showing the Massive Global Travel Opportunity: Courtesy of Trip.com IPO Filing

As many private equity and other investors will tell you, massive opportunities remain in the travel industry over the long term. The travel market will undeniably look very different in 2025 than it does today. But if you believe Trip.com's projections, boom times are ahead for many companies.

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