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Google Maps Is Ready to Transform the World of Superapps: A Skift Deep Dive

Consumers in the West reach almost reflexively for the Google Maps app as the service becomes a nearly ubiquitous utility despite a dearth of messaging and payments. Whether it evolves into the next superapp may depend on whether users really want a do-everything app and the mood of regulators seeking to break up big tech.

New Research: The Evolution of Online Hotel Distribution in Europe
Sponsored by D-EDGE

A new whitepaper examining distribution trends in Europe's online hotel sector suggests that flexibility is a critical success factor for the region's hospitality operators. Hotel executives must constantly review and optimize their channel mix if they hope to succeed and thrive in this highly competitive environment.

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U.S. Travel to Cuba Faces Tighter Restrictions on Non-Family Visits

When the Trump administration took office in 2017, the popular wisdom was that it would eliminate U.S. travel to Cuba. The changes have turned out to be incremental, but now it appears that non-family travel to Cuba will be all but gone.

United Airlines Plays Hardball With Expedia and JPMorgan Chase

For years, airlines had little leverage with their partners. But airlines now are strong, and they have the advantage. Why shouldn't they use it in contractual discussions?

Four Seasons Shows That Hospitality Can Be a Passport to a Global Career

Hospitality can be the gateway to a richly rewarding global career. But even some of the top brands aren't making this sell well enough to the next generation of talent. Here's how to do it.

Looking Ahead to an Exciting September 2019

Earlier this week we announced our sixth annual Global Forum theme. The event promises to be groundbreaking for many reasons, including the inaugural Skift Design Awards ceremony that will take place during the opening night on September 17.

Oyo Taps Hotelbeds to Increase Travel Distribution

Oyo has had plenty of success in its home market of India going direct to consumers, but if it's to continue its global expansion plans it needs more routes to market.

Editor's Picks
When Luxury Goes Small

While secondary cities are having their moments, rural regions remain largely undiscovered by higher-end tourists. That's partly because of a lack of quality accommodations. But thanks to the recent tiny home phenomenon, even remote areas can attract visitors looking for something different.

How Airlines Decide What You’ll Eat and Drink On Board

With their onboard food and drink programs, airlines want to keep passengers happy. But they also want to keep costs reasonable.

Skift Forum Europe: Mobility Mojo Wants Hotels to Promote Their Existing Strengths

Accessibility for travelers with disabilities may be a difficult topic of conversation for some hoteliers, but Mobility Mojo is ready to make that dialog a little easier for everyone.

Improving the Car Rental Experience Starts With What Biz Travelers Want

As car rental providers get ready to take on the next decade, a stronger investment in digital technology seems to finally be paying off.

How to Keep Meeting Attendees Off Their Smartphones

In the era of smartphones, the traditional meeting format of a presenter with a slide deck is no longer acceptable. Meeting organizers are deploying various strategies to keep attendees focused.

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