October 30, 2021
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Hawaiian Airlines is late to the lie-flat seat game, but its new Boeing 787s will have 34 beds in the front of the aircraft. Why? The airline thinks leisure travelers, especially from Japan, will pony up when travel restrictions ease and they resume vacations to Hawaii again.

The audience at Skift Global Forum 2021 weighed in on questions about emerging trends and imperatives as the world re-emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic. The responses reveal an industry poised for growth and change.


Future hotel guests arriving at their destinations may see reconfigurations to public spaces in response to apps that are changing the way customers interact with the property.

The Trivago-Huawei deal is one of several Trivago is piloting where it provides backend services to business partners. These could develop one day into a material revenue stream for the German company.

It's time for Singapore — and others taking a more step-by-step approach to reopening — to show a little more boldness on travel. Stop "picking winners" and skewing the market.

Hear industry leaders from the likes of United Airlines, American Airlines, KLM and DFW Airport discuss the ever-changing aviation landscape at our second annual Skift Aviation Forum. Register below to join us and don't forget to use the code SAVE35 to take 35% off your ticket.


Tourists will be footing the higher rate with a new "ultra" long-haul tax as part of plans to reduce emissions just as international travel is starting to ramp back up. Still, many businesses will welcome the reduction in passenger taxes on short-haul flights.

Don't rule out the little players. Small and medium-sized businesses are largely back on the road, and that's helping lift Hilton's profit margins.

Editor's Picks

The World Cup is a forcing factor for an incredible amount of change in a short time for Doha. Qatar has succeeded in opening up a bit, bringing culture and hospitality front and center, and drawing from interesting global references. But as the country careens toward its deadline, it also needs to make sure the customer experience of getting into the country is up to standard.

Capital One Travel is a surprisingly nimble online travel site for a portal of this type that's still in beta. That being said, it has some significant content holes.

When will business travelers return? That's the question all airlines want the answer to. Unfortunately, no one can accurately forecast that, and predictions still vary from the end of the year to some time in 2024.

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