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Hilton Walloped by $720 Million 2020 Loss That Pushes Hotel Giant to Permanent Cost Cuts

Hilton's pandemic recovery plan hinges significantly on companywide cost-cutting and fewer staffers at the property level becoming a permanent way of doing business.

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Next Event: Business Travel and Future of Work Summit
Lessons From 3 Businesses That Survived and Thrived During Covid-19

This year, Visa committed to digitally enabling 50 million small businesses around the globe in an effort to get local communities back to business in the wake of the pandemic. Here, we profile three businesses that have innovated to survive and thrive, no matter the challenge.

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Marriott’s Next CEO Faces Uncharted Recovery Following $267 Million Annual Loss

Marriott's next CEO won't get to celebrate the new job for long. The company faces continued uncertainty in its recovery timeline due to sporadic virus surges around the world, even in the most successful mainland Chinese market.

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How the Big 4 Hotel Chains Managed to Open 300 New Hotels Across Asia in 2020

A less unsung story than China's growth is how the pandemic has made the rest of Asia-Pacific a gold mine for chains. Opportunities for conversions and franchising appear at their strongest ever. But the best thing? Owners with a new mindset.

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U.S. Airline Passenger Numbers Fall to 1985 Levels

It was back to the future for U.S. airlines in 2020 when passenger numbers fell to levels unseen since 1985. And while traffic will likely rebound some this year, the slow vaccine roll out and new Covid-19 strains have the outlook far from certain.

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Who Will Lead Marriott Next?

Marriott's next CEO is almost certain to come from within the company's own ranks.

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The Role of Vaccines in the Travel Rebound: Latest Skift Recovery Index

The world has become obsessed with vaccination drives, testing, and health passports. How best to reopen destinations to domestic and international visitors in coming months will be much discussed. The efficacy around all of those approaches will certainly play a central role in governments' decision-making.

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Editor's Picks
South Africa Launches Historic Tourism Equity Fund That May Serve as Global Model

Work to transform diversity and inclusion, particularly in tourism, takes guts — like South Africa's groundbreaking new public-private fund for Black-owned tourism projects. It might just be precedent-setting.

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Expedia Has No Plans to Spin Off Vrbo for Valuation ‘Games’

Expedia has no plans to spin off whole-home site Vrbo following Airbnb's blockbuster IPO. Instead, the company is doubling down on expanding the site through its various channels amid a strong pandemic vacation rental market.

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Homebuilders Catering to Hotel-Hesitant Biz Travelers

More real estate developers could start building office-grade homes, but will they factor in the bigger spaces that are so desperately needed?

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