September 11, 2022
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The partnership enables JetBlue to do business with a younger clientele, particularly beyond the U.S. East Coast. Hopper filled a gaping hole in its airline lineup.

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We last heard expressions like essential and business-critical travel only during the lows of the pandemic, when companies ceased travel to protect their employees. It's not the sort of language the travel industry wants to hear right now.

Radisson Hotel Group is nearly unrecognizable from the company it was five years ago, thanks to a strategy shift and metabolism boost. Now, turnaround artist and CEO Federico González aims to double the company's footprint by 2025.

European natural gas prices are roughly ten times higher than a year ago. Hotel owners may struggle to pass on to guests added costs for heat and lights, given that they've already been charging higher than average rates.

Skift Global Forum 2022 opening reception details released! Register today and join us in experiencing the delicious Moroccan bites and immersive decor.

More than two years have passed. Where are the new metrics tourism desperately needs? How will this industry actually treat nature and communities as equal beneficiaries? Is tourism ready to demolish its neocolonial mindset? Those are the pressing questions facing the industry. For now, it's mostly talk and no walk.

Cambodia can digitally upskill its workforce and adopt technologies all it wants, but it won't ever reach its potential as a top tourist destination if it doesn't invest in creative digital marketing campaigns to match.

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Editor's Picks

Now that New Zealand has zeroed in on its Māori heritage as an asset in storytelling, it has to make sure that it does not lose sight of it as more than just marketing.

As we say at Skift, "follow the trendlines, not the headlines." This year's Skift Global Forum will be full of valuable insights that look at the broader trends and info that travel leaders need to stay ahead in this vital and also volatile time for the industry. You don't want to miss it.

Ukraine is not letting the ongoing war stop its efforts to build back a tourism base, especially for when foreign tourists eventually return. The tourism dollars would help the country rebuild its economy faster.

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