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IHG’s Latest Hotel Brand Puts It Neck-and-Neck With Marriott for Luxury

All the major hotel companies see upside in pushing into the high-end sector. IHG zeroing in on independent luxury hotels is a smart strategy to rack up rooms growth against the competition beyond the tough-to-crack luxury markets in the U.S. and China.

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Azerbaijan's Natural Landscape Offers Travelers a Socially Distant Wellness Getaway
Sponsored by Azerbaijan Tourism Board

At a time when sustainability, social distancing, and reconnecting with the environment are key priorities for travelers, Azerbaijan offers a number of unique ways to experience its natural riches.

Imagining Travel Without Outbound Chinese Tourists

China's prolonged absence from global tourism could be impacting more than tourism revenues. Yet, geopolitics aside, Chinese consumer demand for long-haul travel is still alive and well, and it's getting stronger.

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Why 2021 Is the Year of the Travel IPO

So far this year, a dozen travel companies went public or made plans to do so. A couple of them may shine. But the odds are stacked against this year's IPOs, on average, over the long term. Find out why.

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Airport Lounges Prep for the Return of a Healthier Breed of Business Traveler

This could be a long-term shift in behavior, but don't rule out more corks popping if international corporate travel, and all its paid-for perks, fully bounces back.

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Hear From the Biggest CEOs in Travel at Skift Global Forum

At Skift Global Forum, you'll hear from CEOs at Airbnb, Uber, Visit California, Expedia, Hilton and many more, as we discuss all things travel. Learn more about our speakers and secure your spot for this in-person experience before tickets sell out!

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Hilton, Marriott, and IHG Are Making Affordable Brands Development Priorities

Luxury and lifestyle hotels may be the shiniest assets in a hotel company's portfolio, but investors want to be where the travelers are. That means pumping money into more affordable offerings like Hilton's Tru, IHG's Holiday Inn, and Marriott's Fairfield Inn — all concepts that snapped back fast from the pandemic.

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Delta Doesn’t Mandate Vaccines for Workers But Adds $200 Surcharge for Those Unvaxxed

With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, more airlines will feel emboldened to mandate employee vaccines. Delta is trying to skirt that with higher health insurance costs for workers not vaccinated.

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Editor's Picks
NBA's Big Africa Push Could Be a Catalyst for a New Tourism Future

It's a powerful nod for Africa, giving it a solid competitive tourism advantage on the other side of the pandemic, from leisure to events. Will its destinations rise up to the opportunity?

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American Airlines Says Delta Variant Could Slow Business Travel Recovery Further

The Covid-19 Delta variant is the latest wrench in the travel recovery with American Airlines expecting business travelers to return later than previously forecast. But with U.S. case numbers falling and one vaccine fully approved, the delay may not be as bad as some worried.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Global Strategist Parag Khanna Spots the Forces Uprooting Travel

It's hip now to be bearish on international travel's long-term trajectory. But Parag Khanna has fascinating insights into why the travel industry is central to a new, more mobile phase of history.

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