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A European Travel Ban to the U.S. Came At Least 5 Weeks Too Late: Here’s a Timeline of the Fallout

If airlines and travelers are counting on airport screenings and quarantines to be a effective counter-measures in the absence of a coronavirus vaccine, the CDC said these tactics will "have less impact" when transmissions are widespread. Everything depends on effective vaccines.

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Navigating What's Next for Event Experience Design
Sponsored by Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau

As event professionals across the industry figure out the best path forward, it's more important than ever to think critically about experience design to foster innovation and better connect with attendees. Join us for a webinar session later this month.

U.S. Leisure and Hospitality Industy Lost 8.2 Million Jobs in 2 Months

The leisure and hospitality industry was the hardest-hit part of the U.S. economy when it came to job losses, and restaurant and bars were by far the most-severely impacted within the category.

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Airbnb Cuts 25 Percent of Workforce and Downsizes Hotel Investments

Welcome to a more focused Airbnb, one that is about homes, and not hotels and luxury properties. This may not bode well for a public offering.

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The Winners & Losers of a Staycation World Ahead

If domestic travel is the first to come back and stays like that for a while, which countries stand to benefit?

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Trivago Looks to Reorganize With ‘Significant’ Job Cuts

It's hard to see how Trivago survives the pandemic without an asset sale or private equity taking it private perhaps.

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Mondays Live With Skift Airline Weekly

Join us on May 11 for our livestream Q&A series "Mondays Live With Skift Airline Weekly" as we discuss the latest airline news and industry insights. Register today.

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Destinations Meet Darwin: How These 23 U.S. Cities Are Adapting to Survive

Take a look at what these cities have pulled together with limited resources under the weight of this pandemic. It's a true testament to resiliency and creativity.

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Editor's Picks
Carnival Plans to Set Sail Again, or Does It? Behind the Confusion and Controversy

This isn't the first time Carnival has announced a return to cruising in the last month. What's needed here is specifics on how things will be different (and safer) when ships set sail again.

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Looking Back to Understand What's Ahead: Skift Research Learnings From Past Crises

Investigating historical performance data provides a roadmap of what a potential recovery might look like. There is also a wealth of knowledge in the industry as many hoteliers have lived through previous crises. We can learn from them to point the industry in the right direction.

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Can Hotels Make a Comeback If Required to Be Less Congested?

Hotel owners and operators need to focus on building traveler trust to get to the other side of an industry recovery, no matter the associated costs.

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