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Will Las Vegas Resorts Survive a Year of No Conventions?

Can the show go on in Sin City while so many events and conventions can't? Sure — if you have a few billion in the bank to tide your resorts over for a year.

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Executive Q&A: Why Covid-19 Will Bring a Shift Toward Personalized, Experiential-Based Loyalty Programs
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The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that travel brands need to rethink consumer trust and loyalty to adapt to the new normal and truly deliver the personalized experiences that today's customers expect. The stakes are higher than ever.

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Google Quietly Debuts Game-Changing Tours and Activities Advertising Product

While many travel companies are struggling to survive, Google has the resources to keep innovating and rolling out new products despite the travel advertising downturn. As with flights and hotels, Google's new tours and activities advertising business will have a far-reaching impact — unless regulators step in.

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Private Jet Operators Are Stealing Passengers from U.S. Airlines

Private jet operators did not do well in the Great Recession. When March hit, they figured they were stuck in another disaster. But things have turned out better than expected.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Google Cut Off an Online Travel Company and Sent In the Bill Collectors

With parent company Alphabet generating $79 billion in revenue in the first half of 2020, Google is relentlessly rolling out new travel products. Not to mention, it is dictating content-licensing and advertising terms to cash-strapped partners while a pandemic rages. Enough said.

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The Travel Industry Needs to Talk About Ventilation in Coronavirus Fight

An overwhelming consensus has emerged that Covid-19 doesn't spread as easily outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. So why doesn't the travel industry emphasize that more?

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Airbnb Suspends Domio's Host Accounts and Listings For Allegedly Violating Its Standards

Domio said it considers Airbnb a "trusted partner." After Airbnb completes an investigation into Domio's alleged misleading and shoddy business practices, let's see if the feeling is mutual.

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Editor's Picks
How Will Emerging Economies Reliant on Tourism Survive the Crisis?

Many emerging economies have built their growth strategies on tourism. Not every one will survive a long-term upset — followed by a likely long-term recession — and be able to pick up where they left off on the other side.

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How Event Destinations Are Trying to Adapt to a World of Virtual Gatherings

Event planners have arguably never faced more barriers than they do now. If destination marketers want to pitch their destinations successfully, they need to take into account that nearly all events are online now.  

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Why Being Grounded for Months Was the Best Pandemic Outcome for This Airline

U.S. airlines are flying all they can and selling cheap fares to fill planes. Copa was required by its government to do the opposite. It effectively stopped flying for months. It lost a lot of money in the second quarter, but perhaps not as much as you might think.

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