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Lessons From Mallorca’s Rushed Reopening

Mallorca's slammed tourism industry could see recovery begin this summer, but there are huge "ifs" — vaccine rollouts, source markets reopening, and the ability to move away from mass tourism. Did moving too quickly add to these uncertainties?

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Next Event: Business Travel and Future of Work Summit
3 Security Measures Travel Companies Should Take to Protect Their Remote Workers
Sponsored by LastPass

The rush to enable remote working in response to the pandemic has exposed some travel companies to cyber attacks and phishing campaigns. Looking toward a post-recovery future, business teams will need secure and frictionless connectivity as they begin to travel again.

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Backpacker Tourism Faces a Changing Landscape Post-Pandemic

While some popular backpacker destinations will target high-end visitors after the pandemic, this category of outdoor tourism is not dead. Far from it, as backpacker tourism will evolve and attract new markets.

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IHG Will Focus on Non-Luxury Brands as It Pulls Back on Wild Portfolio Growth

IHG leaders still think their portfolio, heavily focused on mid-priced brands like Holiday Inn Express and the newer Avid Hotels, is more resilient than the competition. The financial figures back their claims.

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Behind Marriott’s Choice of Tony Capuano Over Stephanie Linnartz as CEO

All things being equal, there were a lot of travel industry stalwarts hoping that the world's largest hotel chain, Marriott International, would tap a woman as CEO in a signature statement at this juncture in history.

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ITB Berlin Now: March 9-12, 2021
Sponsored by ITB Berlin

ITB Berlin Now is the digital meet-up of the travel industry. Join the go-to-platform, explore new connections & familiar faces, browse through the digital show floor, mingle in our cafés & explore the event program. Tickets for the live event are selling fast, so secure your spot today.

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Interior Secretary Nominee Deb Haaland’s Congressional Grilling Keeps Travel Industry Waiting

It's no easy task facing members of Congress who are pro-fossil fuels when you're a climate change and outdoors advocate. Deb Haaland skillfully deflected contentious questions by promising to listen, collaborate, and serve both aisles of Congress, while staying firm on clean energy and conservation.

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The United Airlines Engine Failure Is a Story Being Wildly Botched by Media: Commentary

Much of the media coverage of the United Airlines Boeing 777 engine failure is hysterical and just wrong. The real story is the aircraft and its engines performed as they were designed to do in an emergency, and the flight crew returned the aircraft safely to the airport. It's less exciting a story than some…

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Editor's Picks
Egypt Sidelines Locals by Importing Global Travel Influencers to Boost Luxury Tourism

Even in the best of times, hitting the right notes can be tricky when launching marketing strategies, but Egypt's latest tourism campaign seems far removed from reality.

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Digital Nomad Visas May End Up Being a Bureaucratic Hell for Big Companies

There's momentum building to make remote work a reality at some of the more progressive multinational companies, but the question of travel policies and tax liabilities could prove too much of a headache.

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Will Vaccinated Flight Crews Help Airlines Sell Tickets?

Nearly a year into the pandemic, the world's airlines are still trying to find their footing as historically low numbers of travelers take to the skies. Is vaccinating crews and then making it part of an airline's marketing message one way to jumpstart a travel rebound?

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