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The Impact of Emerging Tech in Travel Post-Coronavirus: New Skift Research

There are so many technologies that can and will impact the travel industry, but it's hard to poke through all the hype and see what will fundamentally change the future of travel. We investigate four technology buckets with the largest potential.

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The 2020 Skift IDEA Awards: Early-Bird Pricing Available!

The Skift IDEA Awards will honor companies who showcase forward-thinking design projects across physical and digital touchpoints, including built environments, tech-enabled services, and experiential moments during travel. Early-bird rates are now live, so enter today to take advantage of our special offer!

Marriott CEO Sorenson Details Crisis Contingency Plans in Emotional Address

It's fairly certain that many Marriott International-affiliated properties will never reopen. CEO Arne Sorenson is showing leadership in being candid about the tough measures the hotel chain has to take to emerge with a business worth running when coronavirus hopefully fades.

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The Day the World Stopped Traveling: A Letter From Skift’s Founder

Travel is the most consequential industry in the world, as the world is now finding out due to lack of travel. Skift aims to be the most consequential company deciphering this and the path ahead. Support our work.

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Why U.S. Airlines Will Need to Lose the Hubris After We Bail Them Out

Richard Anderson, the former Delta Air Lines CEO, loved to talk about how Delta was a high-quality industrial company. Delta is a great airline, no doubt. But let's be honest: Airlines are not regular companies. We're now being reminded of that fact.

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Tourism Marketers Enter Wait-and-See Mode to Avoid Tone-Deaf Campaigns

Tourism marketers can't run their campaigns as usual right now. But that doesn't mean they can't do anything. The challenge lies in finding the right tone — and the right timing.

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Expedia Vice Chairman Tells Employees It’s Time to Focus and Help Our Travel Partners

There will be a reckoning and perhaps a reordering of the competitive landscape once the coronavirus crisis fades. Meanwhile, companies such as Expedia Group know they need to have extreme focus to dig out of the mess.

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Editor's Picks
How Should Hotels Set Room Rates Now and After the Coronavirus Crisis?

Granted, this crisis is unprecedented. Yet hotels worldwide can learn lessons from how hotels have faced regional shutdowns, such as in Asia-Pacific in recent months, in Las Vegas after the shooting rampage, and elsewhere after hurricanes and financial crises. Managing room rates and marketing offers is critical to making the most of a rebound in demand.

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After the Virus: 10 Consumer Trends for a Post-Coronavirus World

Which trends looked years away from the mainstream — and so were easy to ignore — but now feel primed to become totally normal in a matter of months, if not weeks? Our friends at TrendWatching analyze.

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Singapore Hotels See Some Hope as Bookings Surge After Malaysia Lockdown

Without the spread of the coronavirus being contained or widespread travel restrictions being lifted, any increase in hotel occupancy is little more than a short-term blip.

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