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Japan's Second Covid Wave Puts Smaller Travel Agencies in Peril

A second wave in Japan puts its tourism members on a joyless rollercoaster ride. Small inbound travel specialists especially are hanging by a thread. Huddling together for strength and inspiration is a good idea.

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Podcast: Skift Daily Briefing
Skift Megatrends 2025: Brands That Embrace Agility and Flexibility Will Be Equipped for the Future of Travel
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The Covid-19 pandemic proved that brands that are able to quickly evolve their offerings to meet the shifting needs of customers are the ones that will not only survive, but come out stronger through their ability to adapt. The importance of embracing agility is one lesson brands can take into 2021 and beyond.

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The Coveted Jet Built for the Economics of the Pandemic

The Airbus A220 is poised to emerge strong from the coronavirus pandemic with airlines keen for its low costs and small capacity. JetBlue is the latest carrier to add the jet as it moves forward with a major fleet transition amid the crisis.

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From Nazi to Pro-Trump Chants: Airline Crews Grow Weary From Harassment Over Mask Rules

Flight crews are on the front lines of America's latest culture war: wearing masks. But even as some travelers are increasingly belligerent — even hostile — to these rules, leaders are optimistic that the new Biden administration will set the example from the top and shut down opposition.

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New Airfare Hedging Tool Approved to Help Airlines With Volatile Revenue Swings

A new platform called Skytra, developed by Airbus, has been three years in the making, but expect tentative first steps from a battered and bruised travel industry.

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Announcing the Skift Online Travel and Distribution This February

Join us next month for our latest event — Skift Online Travel and Distribution Summit — on February 17 featuring Skift editors and research analysts in conversation with leaders throughout the industry as we explore the challenges and opportunities ahead for the online travel landscape.

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Hilton Bans All Political Spending, Choosing Not to Target Trump Vote Supporters

Hilton suspended all political contributions in light of last week's violence on Capitol Hill. But its blanket approach to both parties may draw the ire from those who had nothing to do with supporting the mob's cause.

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Delta Forecasts Return to Profits This Year But With Little Help From Corp Travelers

As with earlier attempts to forecast the recovery, Delta's optimistic outlook may prove overly bullish as the industry continues to struggle.

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Editor's Picks
Skift Megatrends 2025: Download Your Copy Now

For this year's installment of our annual Megatrends, we look far into the future to better explain where the travel industry is headed after one of the most challenging years in recent history.

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The Next Phase of the Virtual Event Tech Sector Is Here

Hopin's acquisition of StreamYard is just the latest signal of a market that has changed for good. Who will dominate when things go back to normal?  

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The Travel Quandary for Global Aid Workers in the Pandemic

They say charity begins at home, but for the thousands of overseas volunteers that's not quite the case. Now they're wondering how to keep going in a world where travel has mostly stopped.

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