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Is New Zealand’s New Tourism Ad Brilliant or Tone Deaf?

New Zealand's latest "traveling under the social influence" campaign could have been brilliant, if it weren't so ill-timed. It's a privilege to be the first to beat Covid, but it can also be a blind spot.

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New Ads Strategies Hoteliers Can Use to Stand Out Amongst Competition in 2021
Sponsored by Derbysoft

A hotelier's guide to using destination ads effectively as travel reopens.

What Delta Air Lines Gets Out of Still Keeping the Middle Seat Open

More and more airlines are taking back the middle seat and while it makes good business sense, do they risk losing customers who might interpret it as greed or an affront to their health?

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NFL, Restaurateur Danny Meyer Back Digital Health Passports Through Investment in Clear

Big league backers are seeing the potential of digital health passports, and not just for flying.

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Marriott Adds 19 All-Inclusive Resorts in Caribbean, Central America in Leisure Travel Push

Global hotel companies like Marriott have to pursue business where they can find it during the pandemic recovery. That's a major reason to build out more all-inclusive resorts.

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G Adventures Attracts Investment From Private Equity Firm Certares

With plenty of dinero within reach, Certares is in a position to latch onto companies that fit into trends that the PE firm believes will be at the forefront when a post-Covid travel recovery finally takes hold. G Adventures apparently fits the bill.

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Startup HomeToGo Is Defying Conventional Wisdom in Vacation Rental Search

HomeToGo goes against what is considered a viable business model for metasearch. The startup offers vacation rental property managers a somewhat different way to pay for reaching consumers. Yet Google remains a potentially dangerous rival, depending on how the search giant pursues the vacation rental sector.

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Editor's Picks
India Ices Tourism Out of Covid Aid — At What Cost?

Despite being excluded from any government Covid relief to date, tourism stakeholders remain resilient and hopeful, with a future closer to vaccines plus promising backyard tourism trends.

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Wyndham Stretches Globally for Branding Deals

Wyndham is hungry for new franchise agreements with independent hotel owners. The only roadblock? So is every other major hotel company.

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How Event Planners Can Leverage Gaming to Engage Online Audiences

Very few modes of digital engagement have captured an audience's attention quite like video games. What makes them so captivating, and how can event planners leverage these lessons to stimulate online audiences?  

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