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Budget Chain Oyo Can Be a Nightmare for U.S. Hotel Operators Despite Its Hype

Oyo has a hype machine to rival any brand. But beneath all of the disruption, some hotel owners complain its technology is unstable and lacks functionality, leaving them to clean up the mess. Growth for growth's sake may seem great for a unicorn-like valuation, but the hotel chain will need to grapple with flaws in its business model that can't keep pace.

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Short-Term Rental Summit
Skift Global Forum 2019: How Travel Leaders Are Rethinking Customer Experience
Sponsored by ICF Next

Travel leaders are optimizing the customer experience through more thoughtful, human-centered design and technologies across the traveler journey. Here are our top takeaways from Skift Global Forum 2019.

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Southwest Will Look at Buying Jets Other Than Boeing 737s After 48-Year Run

Southwest Airlines always is hesitant to mess with its secret sauce. But it's a gigantic airline, and it might benefit from operating more than one aircraft type.

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Airbnb Makes Debut in Google Vacation Rentals — For Now

In online travel, everything is tactical and not necessarily permanent. But for now, at least, those coveted Airbnb listings are appearing in Google's vacation rental pages in some European cities. This could have big implications for both companies if those listings remain.

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JetBlue Airways Pulls Back to Regroup on Latin America and Caribbean Strategy

It isn't easy being in the aviation business, but airlines have one advantage over a traditional company. Their assets are mobile. If a carrier like JetBlue discovers softness in one region, it can move its airplanes elsewhere.

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Get Your Free Sample Short-Term Rental Ecosystem and Vendor Deep Dive Report

Did you get a chance to view our sample short-term rental deep dive report? It's one of the most popular reports we've ever done, and we're using it as the launchpad for our first-ever Skift Short-Term Rental Summit on December 5 in New York City. Get your report today!

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Uber Has an Event Service — Who Knew?

Uber knows that it is one of the primary modes of transportation at events — and has designed a service around that. Still, the company doesn't really advertise this service very well, and it means that lots of planners are unaware of it.

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Skift Airline Weekly Podcast: Just What Happened to Thomas Cook?

In this week's edition of the Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, Skift Europe Editor Patrick Whyte gives his insight on the UK government's inquiries on why Thomas Cook went bankrupt. How did the "booking clerk to the empire" go belly-up after more than 150 years?

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An In-Depth Look at Hotel Chain Oyo’s Financials and Strategy: New Skift Research

Oyo promises a new type of hotel company. It's an asset-light brand that seeks to connect the global long tail of mom-and-pop hotels through its tech and distribution platform. But can it live up to the hype? Skift Research dives deep into Oyo's business strategy and financial performance.

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Editor's Picks
Accor CEO to Doubters in Asia: Our Brand-Heavy Strategy Is Working

Having more brands when cheap money is chasing real estate is good for Accor, but may not be for its hotel owners. This is especially true in Asia where owners are hoping that in time it won't be a case of too many Accor hotels chasing too few hotel guests.

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Travel Advisors Need to Educate Themselves About Risks for Transgender Clients

Traveling is tough when you're transgender, but it can also be very risky for travel advisors who could unwittingly send their clients into some hostile environments if they don't know what they're doing.

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Norwegian Air Just Might Have Found a Way to Save Itself

Well, well, well, who was expecting that? Not only did Norwegian beat stock market expectations on profitability, it announced details for its long-awaited joint venture and teased plans about a bold new direction.

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