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Oyo Claims It Has Overtaken IHG as World's Third Largest Chain

Oyo has been making upbeat announcements more than usual in the past few weeks. Is it building itself up toward an IPO or more funding, or is it fending off critics, skeptics, and issues in India and China?

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Skift Design Awards 2019
Mobile Solutions Evolve as a Key Driver for Personalization in the Airline Industry
Sponsored by IBM

Airline employees, despite being the first point of contact for most passengers, often don't have access to the right data at the right time. Empowering them with the appropriate tools is imperative for driving real personalization and loyalty in the future.

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2019 Innovators in Hospitality and Travel: Summer Edition

Here are some of the most inspiring innovations in design, service, and guest experience in hospitality and travel so far this year. The more the industry can cross-pollinate, learn from others, and experiment, the better it will be.

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Marriott Handed $124 Million Fine Over Starwood Data Breach

The headline fine amount might seem pretty substantial, but as with an earlier British Airways breach case, the penalties likely will be challenged. Both companies will no doubt vigorously defend themselves in the hope of getting the figure reduced.

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How Delta’s Loyalty Offering Is Improving Its Direct Booking Business

Another strong quarter for Delta. Investing to create more customer loyalty is paying off. What a concept: doing what it takes to keep people keep coming back.

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Startups Welcome at Skift Global Forum!

Skift Global Forum is a unique opportunity for startup companies to network with top executives and decision-makers in aviation and all sectors of travel. Apply today for a discounted ticket to attend!

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Demand for Iran Tours Rising Despite U.S. Falloff

As antagonism intensifies between the Trump administration and Iran, some American tourists are rethinking plans to visit the country. Barring the start of military activity, tour operators say Iran is a safe and hospitable destination even for U.S. visitors.

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Editor's Picks
Underperforming Philippines Extends Tax Breaks to Attract Tourism Investors

Despite its beautiful beaches, the Philippines is a tourism underperformer in Southeast Asia. It keeps luring investors with tax breaks. Critics say maybe it's better to prioritize peace and order instead. Both are required.

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Highest-Paid Online Travel CEOs of 2018

The CEOs of Booking Holdings, Expedia Group, and TripAdvisor all saw their total compensation fall in 2018, but only because 2017 was an exceptional year for each. Glenn Fogel of Booking and Mark Okerstrom of Expedia were each appointed as CEO in 2017, and Steve Kaufer of TripAdvisor received a long-term incentive award that was undoubtedly the envy of his peers.

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UNESCO Could Have Helped Save Venice From Overtourism: Why Didn’t It?

UNESCO had, by many accounts, plenty of reason to add Venice to its list of sites "in danger" at its most recent meeting. Its decision not to reveals the complexities of naming World Heritage sites in the age of mass tourism.

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