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Airlines Will Still Face Pilot Shortage Problem Even After Pandemic Downsizings

Pandemic job cuts won't solve the industry's longstanding issue of needing a new generation of pilots to replace those retiring. Now is the time for the airlines to do the right thing — open the field to a more diverse and inclusive pool of talent as they recover from the pandemic.

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5 Human-Centric Digital Strategies for Travel Marketers to Thrive in 2021
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In today's era of accelerated digital transformation, travel brands need to approach the consumer journey with a more nimble mindset. Companies that can bring people-inspired digital business solutions to the table stand a good chance of thriving post-recovery.

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TUI Musement Emerges as a Tours and Activities Player in Europe in Shadow of GetYourGuide

Will it suffice for TUI Musement to focus on the partnership side of its business, as it does with Booking.com and major cruise lines, or does it need to master the uphill task of becoming a breakout consumer brand beyond TUI's existing customer base? Acquisitions could be part of the mix when the pandemic dust settles.

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Coworking Providers and Hotels Tighten Partnerships as Pandemic Still Weighs Heavy

A more permanent working relationship between hotels and coworking providers like the one between Industrious and Wythe Hotel indicates sold-out room nights with traditional hotel guests are a long way away.

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Digital Health Passports Gain Traction as Countries Take Cues From Airlines

It's reassuring to see several destinations, including Australia with its hard-line stance on border restrictions, warm to the idea of digital health passports.

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Join Us on February 17 for the Skift Online Travel & Distribution Summit

Join us at Skift's Online Travel and Distribution Summit as we dive into the rapidly changing online travel and distribution landscape, exploring how many leaders are working to Create Travel's New Economy. You won't want to miss this in-depth and insightful 3-hour online summit, so get your pass now to secure your spot.

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Marriott CEO Sorenson to Reduce Work Schedule to Undergo Further Cancer Treatment

Arne's a fighter, and Marriott has a strong team in place while he continues to battle cancer.

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What Short Selling in These Travel Companies Tells Us About Investor Confidence

Small-bore investors moved mountains of money last week by short selling shares of GameStop, a once ubiquitous suburban mall fixture that has faded from relevance. Short selling reveals a lot about investor sentiment, and the data below tell us what investors think of airline and travel companies.

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Editor's Picks
The Asia City That Could Emerge Strongest From the Pandemic

A new flare-up of Covid-19 cases in northern Vietnam does not change the fact the country has a lot going for it and that its commercial capital in the south, Ho Chi Minh City, is a rising star in Asia.

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The Top-Down Diversity Push That U.S. Tourism Desperately Needs Is Here

The first full-time, diversity-focused organization for U.S. travel launched this week as destination marketers, trade groups and publicists are also collaborating on solutions to equity, diversity and inclusion barriers in tourism. It's long and shamefully overdue — but promising, since change begins from the C-suites down.

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Hotels Hope Profits Are Cooking in the Ghost Kitchen Business

The pandemic has produced unlikely partnerships between the hotel and office sectors, but the longevity is up for debate. The ghost kitchen pairing between hotels and an outside food operator may actually stick for years to come, as it solves a pre-pandemic revenue loss problem.

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