October 9, 2022
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The American Express Travel website and mobile experience won't win user experience awards. But it may have something better for cardmembers — private fares, other negotiated deals, perks and points redemption.

The new Q2 2022 Traveler Insights Report from Expedia Group Media Solutions features the latest research and key data on the current state of travel, with actionable insights to guide the industry as it captures consumer interest in growing trends like inclusive travel.


Experts on the ground in both Hong Kong and Singapore already report booking spikes and surges in airfares and hotel rates. The message is to start laying the groundwork for when China eventually eases its own travel policies.

Expect more destinations to develop marketing strategies to convince tourists to stick around much longer — as digital nomads.

Hotel brands increasingly showcasing non-alcoholic drinks is a major shift considering hotels have long viewed alcohol as a significant revenue producer. But the growing emphasis on healthier travel has steered them toward a major opportunity to increase profits.

Skift Aviation Forum will dive deep with experts and executives from across the industry, getting specific on the operations and financial dynamics that are defining the direction of aviation. Join us November 16th, 2022 at the historic Statler hotel in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX for a fast-paced day of incredible insights and conversations. Register now!

Wooing spoilt-for-choice travelers to visit a particular destination may be an uphill task, but the road gets much smoother if you have a celebrity vouching for its wonders.

Having weathered the Covid storm, Traveloka is back to doing what it believes it does best — selling travel.

The online behemoth's impact is felt far and wide in the travel industry. Skift Research published a deep dive into Google's impact on the travel industry in February 2020. Just a few weeks later the world turned upside down as the true impact of the COVID-19 pandemic hit home.

Now, over two years later, as the travel industry rebuilds, we revisit this critical topic. We identified five big open questions about the role of Google in travel that arose before and during the pandemic.

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Opportunity in crisis: the pandemic has proven an especially good time to start a new airline.

South Africa's Airlink wants to create a Southern Africa leader with a deal for Namibia's only domestic airline. Can the carrier take up the mantle from struggling South African Airways?

A snapshot of how much it costs to go flex reveals few discrepancies in pricing, but some telltale signs of where prices could be about to soar.

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