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Flight Discounter Skiplagged Asks Federal Court to Tell Southwest Airlines to Back Off

Notorious litigator Southwest Airlines is targeting a sometimes-legally agile Skiplagged. Instead of offering Southwest fare information for hidden-city flights, Skiplagged may find that those Southwest fares have gone missing.

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5 Ways Travel Brands Can Inspire Discovery and Capture Demand Now
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Consumer behavior is likely to remain in flux post-pandemic, so travel brands must adapt their advertising strategies to prepare for an unprecedented purchase journey and connect with travelers in new ways.

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Emirates Rolls Out Instant Direct Payment Method for Travel Bypassing Credit Card Issuers

This tech move is part of a broader shakeup. Travel companies are looking to bypass credit card networks with "alternative payments" to slash processing fees.

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Oyo Hotels Eliminates U.S. and China as Focus for Growth

Critics have been saying for years that Oyo needed to get its house in order and to tamp down on its reckless growth plans. Whether that actually happens or not will become clear over the next year or two.

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TravelPerk’s Acquisition of a Rival Travel Agency Is Backed by This Secretive Hedge Fund

It's hard to say how far TravelPerk can go buying the UK's Click Travel, as it limits expansion to a mostly domestic market. But then its new investor has a reputation for spotting opportunities earlier than most.

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Join Us for Our Destination and Sustainability Summit on July 21

As many destinations start to open their borders and welcome back travelers, how can tourism add value to local communities in more environmentally friendly and impactful ways? You don't want to miss these timely conversations as tourism faces new challenges and opportunities.

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Soho House’s Parent Discloses Brand Growth Plan During IPO Roadshow

Membership Collective Group's IPO throws major fuel on the idea that members-only clubs have a future post-pandemic. While there may be opportunities in newer brands like The Ned and Scorpios, it is the mature Soho House that is the bread-and-butter to global expansion.

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Extended Stay America CEO on the Brand's Next Steps After $6 Billion Takeover

Extended Stay America's launch of a higher-end brand isn't the sign of new owners Blackstone and Starwood Capital wanting some grandiose push into the upscale sector. It's about appealing to a segment of business travelers who may not have considered the brand as an option in the past.

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Editor's Picks
The Travel Advisors Leading the Overtourism Fight for a Post-Pandemic Era

Travel advisors are possibly more powerful than tourism boards in the fight against overtourism, and their advice about where to travel is increasingly valuable.

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How Travel Loyalty Programs Cost the Environment: New Skift Research

Travel loyalty programs really are frequency programs. As frequency is directly linked to emissions in travel, how can travel companies find environmentally friendly ways to reward its most valuable customers?

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Culture Coaches Being Hired to Help Remote Workers in Dispersed Locales

Yet another business risk that wasn't really present before the pandemic: the challenge of bridging the gap between so many different nationalities.

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