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Spirit Airlines’ On-Time Arrivals Plan Backfired When It Cut Corners

Every airline executive knows how to improve on-time performance. But there's a problem. It's expensive, since airlines usually must add slack to the schedule. Eventually, the costs add up, so airlines reduce the slack, hoping reliability will hold steady. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn't.

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Skift Global Forum 2019
Discounted Group Rates Now Available for Skift Global Forum 2019

As always, the Skift team is working hard to perfect the program and logistics of our annual conference in New York City, Skift Global Forum, which takes place September 18–19. Today we're unlocking discounted rates for groups to attend this incredible event!

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Carnival Cruise Line’s Outreach to Travel Advisors Shores Up Rocky Relationship

Carnival Cruise Line has not always had the best relationship with travel advisors, but it has taken steps to turn that around. Its new campaign to promote the value of advisors should be especially effective.

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Trivago Could Kill Controversial Ad Feature That Caused Its Fortunes to Plummet

Trivago is trying to make peace with its largest advertisers, especially the biggest, Booking Holdings. These peace overtures seem to be working for now, but metasearch and advertising can be very fickle things.

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Did an Aggressive United Push Southwest Out of Newark Hub?

When United Airlines President Scott Kirby joined in 2016, he promised he'd boost share at Newark. Now Southwest is pulling out of Newark, citing a tough environment. Think this is a coincidence?

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Hyatt and Hilton Are Taking Different Branding Approaches Inside China

Hyatt is launching a new China brand while Hilton swears by the adage of introducing the right Hilton brand in the right location at the right time across China. Which of the two approaches is better?

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What You Need to Know About the American Leisure Traveler: New Skift Research

The U.S. is one of the most diverse countries in the world, and its residents' travel habits reflect that. That makes studying different demographics and travel spending categories key to understanding the American traveler.

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Skift Global Forum Preview
Skift Global Forum Preview: Cayuga Integrates Luxury and Sustainability in Central American Indie Hotels

Upscale hotels are embracing environmental awareness these days. But for many hoteliers, it's crucial not to let their luxury standards slip while skipping the straw.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Publicis Exec Tobaccowala Says Human Connection More Important Than Ever

Experiences are increasingly central to travel. This means travel companies should pay special attention to long-term values like relationships, authenticity, and emotional connection while also not forgetting about the bottom line.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Hilton’s Tech Innovations Drive Brand Growth

Hilton understands the true conundrum of running a hotel business: Customer preferences will always change faster than the market can react. That is why the company has invested throughout the customer experience, from booking to loyalty partnerships, to keep guests happy.

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Editor's Picks
Marriott and Emirates Are Latest to Launch Hotel-Airline Loyalty Partnership

It's now possible to earn bonus points and other perks as an elite Marriott Rewards member flying on Emirates and vice versa. Sure, Emirates may not fly to every destination on the planet, but free points are free points.

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Why Is Airbnb Still Missing the Mark With Corporate Event Planners?

Airbnb keeps on improving its business travel platform. So when will the events industry finally take advantage of it?

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Every Travel Tech Company Calls Itself a Platform: Why That’s Silly

Travel tech's "platformania" may be cooling off. One reason is fiercer competition, according to a new study.

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