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When the Future of Travel Meets the Reality of the Present World: Big Takeaways From Skift Global Forum 2020

Best case scenario: one of the largest and most creative sectors in the world comes out of this much smaller, more nimble, and thrives in different ways than in the past.

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Webinar: The Digital Revolution — Tools and Tactics to Understanding Today's Traveler
Sponsored by Salesforce

Join Skift and Salesforce for an upcoming webinar on September 29, where we'll discuss how digital will drive innovation in travel through Covid-19 and beyond. Register to attend the session below.

Ethiopian Airlines Debuts First Covid-Era, Contactless Terminal

From government bailouts to layoffs, commercial airlines have taken drastic measures to stay afloat since Covid-19. Not Ethiopian – now operating out of the second largest capacity airport in Africa, while turning a profit and forging ahead with further expansion plans beyond its new state-of-art, bio-safety terminal.

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United Airlines Will Remain Half Its Size Until Vaccine Is Widely Distributed: CEO

United expects to remain half its size till the end of next year, when CEO Scott Kirby thinks a vaccine will be widely available. But will it be in a position to respond quickly to demand if the company is forced to lay off tens of thousands of employees?

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Barry Diller Shares Pandemic Highs and Lows, Snapping Up MGM Resorts Stake While Rescuing Expedia With Debt

Both of Barry Diller's companies, IAC and Expedia, are now invested in a travel recovery, which he thinks will arrive in only a matter of time. Count Diller on the side of those who believe the new normal will resemble its former self more than many people imagine.

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Join Us On October 15 for Skift Forum Asia

Skift Forum Asia is less than three weeks away. Register now and join us on October 15 as we bring together leaders from Tripadvisor,, Hilton,, Thomas Cook China, Marriott International and more for discussions with Skift editors on whether Asia can lead the return of global travel.

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Expedia CEO Says Company Overhaul Will Be Done in Time for Travel’s Recovery

Talk about tough love. The CEO of Expedia Group, Peter Kern, is sticking with the tough line despite the pandemic by still demanding a significant reorganization and tech revamp for the online travel giant.

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Forget 2021 — Leading Science Writer Says Pandemic Is a 36-Month Event

Bad news for 2021 optimists. Leading science writer and pandemic expert Laurie Garrett says while we're waiting for a vaccine, wear a mask. It might even be more effective.

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Join Us for Airline Weekly Lounge Live

How does an airline that staked its fortune on premium intercontinental traffic survive when that market has all but evaporated? When domestic travel is starting to return, how does an airline with no domestic market make it? Airline Weekly Senior Analyst Jay Shabat and Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan will go in-depth on why Singapore Airlines may be in for a rough ride. Join us for the livestream at 12 p.m. EDT, on Monday, September 28.

Editor's Picks
Accor CEO Says Corporate Reorg Has Nothing To Do With Covid Impact Despite Massive Layoffs

The global pandemic still impacted Accor's recent corporate restructuring, whether the company sees it that way or not.

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What Hybrid Events Can Learn From the NBA’s 'Virtual Fan Experience'

During the past few months, the NBA has been resuming games from a controlled environment, with a virtual fan experience designed to engage audiences from home. Here are some of the main takeaways for events from the league's successful venture into the virtual space.  

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Saudi Arabia’s Bold Global Tourism Efforts Gain Traction But With Locals For Now

Saudi Arabia has unwittingly learned that to open its doors to international leisure travelers, a good start is to first open the hearts of its own local population to discover the country's unique destinations.

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