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The Megatrends Defining Travel in 2020

From the new role of subscription travel to the importance of urban living innovations and the impact of Gen Z, these are among the megatrends in travel we're watching in 2020.

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The Making of a Meetings and Events Destination: Why Thailand's Future Looks Bright
Sponsored by Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau

Thailand is becoming one of Asia's premier business events destinations as efforts to improve its cities' meetings and events infrastructure begin to pay off.

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Airbnb Goes Hollywood to Amp Up Party House Crackdown

Airbnb chose Tinseltown to audaciously begin cracking down on party houses. Good PR. Expect to see more adjustments in Airbnb policy as it moves forward with an emphasis on community safety and standards.

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United Gets Stingier With Customer Compensation for Flight Delays

United may argue it isn't tweaking its delay compensation scheme to save money. But we're betting this new policy will save some cash. Still, it probably won't bother customers too much. How many of them were expecting compensation anyway?

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Rivalries Between Boutique Hotels Heat Up in College Towns

Graduate Hotels has grown to 22 hotels in college towns in six years. Now it intends to face down new competition by branching out to larger urban markets where it can continue to appeal to people involved in universities but also attract other clientele.

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Skift Forum Europe Is Coming to Madrid in March 2020

We're thrilled to announce that our fourth annual Skift Forum Europe event will take place in Madrid for the first time on March 24–25. Secure your spot now and save with our exclusive early-bird rate.

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Dubai’s Demand for Niche Spiritual Retreats on the Rise

Spiritual retreats have become all the rage in Dubai as the wellness travel industry continues to grow, particularly across developing markets. Tailored experiences may be the key to the growth of this niche market, as more mindful travelers are now seeking exclusivity and holistic healing methods.

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Editor's Picks
IAG CEO Willie Walsh Remade European Aviation: Now He’s Retiring

He's been hinting at it for a while, but it's still something of a shock to hear that Willie Walsh is finally hanging up his boots. The Air Europa deal — should it come off — looks like his last hurrah.

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Tourism Australia Fights Another Fire: Stemming Potential Cancellations

Bookings to Australia from international markets such as Asia, where millions will be traveling during the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday season, are said to be holding up. A lot of businesses are hoping that's the case. Australia can do with some cheer.

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Will Marriott and British Airways Ever Pay Those Huge Proposed Data Breach Fines?

Those headline fines were pretty jaw-dropping, but it seems more than likely that they will be massively reduced whenever they are finally rubber-stamped.

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