October 23, 2021
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Ancillary revenue like resort fees is a big business for the travel industry, and it is unlikely hotels are going to abandon the practice during the volatile pandemic recovery — unless they are forced to.

To dig into how road accessibility impacts a destination's appeal, we spoke with Melissa Cherry, the chief operating officer for Destinations International, an international trade association for CVBs and tourism operators. Destinations International has chosen to host their upcoming 2021 Annual Convention hybrid event in Baltimore.


United CEO Scott Kirby warns travelers to beware what airline they are booking on after his carrier's successful Covid-19 vaccine staff mandate. But for all his boasting, more than half of United's domestic flights are flown by airlines that have no such mandate.

The travel industry's pandemic interregnum period is over. We have gained so much in what we lost.

Google's Gmail itinerary feature can be helpful to travelers — up to a point. But Google's execution of it is deceptive, and a disservice to its travel partners.

At the second annual Skift Aviation Forum, you'll hear what the most prominent industry experts want you to be aware of right now, as we deep dive into the business of aviation. They'll break stories and opportunities you simply won't find anywhere else. For a full inside look, check out our newly published agenda and reserve your spot today.


Hopper is the latest travel brand to try its hand at selling experiences. It's taking on a task that's harder to do well at scale than it might seem.

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Hotel companies venturing into broader hospitality concepts isn't a new trend, but the rapid growth seen over the last decade is a warning sign to not go overboard. Exclusivity is what makes some of these brands appealing in the first place.

Anthony Capuano was named to fill the late Arne Sorenson's shoes this year, but the new Marriott CEO has hit the ground running. Listen to how he is building on his predecessor's legacy and at the same time making his own mark for the world's largest global hotel chain.

Editor's Picks

Remote work is here to stay and its impact on travel is starting to grow significantly. Twenty-three percent of American remote workers in our September survey said they had taken long trips as a result of working remotely, a sharp increase from eight months ago. Travel companies need to take note of how to serve this rising travel segment.

American Airlines is bullish that road warriors will return en mass in 2022. But the airline faces its share of challenges, including a lack of clarity over penalties for staff who do not get Covid-19 vaccines, and cost pressures from rising fuel prices and delays at Boeing.

Approval of a U.S. vaccine for kids would be a huge positive for family travel, but it will take time to get over the uncertainty. Visiting friends and relatives domestically will continue to dominate for a holiday season that's projected to see higher consumer spending.

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