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The End of the Expat Lifestyle and How That Will Impact the Travel Industry

As the cushy expat gigs wind down in the world, what is needed from a policy standpoint to attract the new generation of talented, remote workers who can go wherever they please? And what does it all mean for travel's ecosystem?

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First Look at the Speakers to Join Skift Forum Asia

Skift Forum Asia will take place as an online event on October 15, bringing together travel executives from the APAC region as we discuss whether Asia can lead the global return of travel. Today, we're excited to introduce our first round of speakers who will share their perspectives next month on travel's future.

U.S. Hotels’ 35 Percent Unemployment Rate Remains Staggeringly Higher Than National Average

The upcoming fall and winter months are likely to expand the unemployment gap even further between the hotel industry and overall economy due to expected diminished leisure travel.

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The Fresh Prince of Corporate Travel

What prompted actor Will Smith to invest in travel tech startup TravelBank? And what can other companies learn from the way the company has handled the pandemic so far?

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Corporate Travel’s Downturn Will Deliver This Financial Blow Across All of Travel

Billions of dollars in revenue are at stake next year, even once a dire 2020 is out of the way.

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How Apple’s New Privacy Effort Will Impact Travel Marketing

Privacy efforts will keep chipping away at old school digital advertising practices. Travel marketers need to persuade more consumers to consent to share their data directly. They should consider new ideas, like creating media networks and data co-ops, to help.

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American and Delta Join United in Ending Domestic Change Fees

Because these are airlines, consumers will want to know: What's the catch. But there probably isn't one. Times are tough in the airline industry, and this is as good a time as any to end unpopular fees.

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Editor's Picks
Events Are Not Dead, But They Need to Change

Skift CEO Rafat Ali published a piece last week on how the event industry is facing its Napster moment. Is the industry really doomed in favor of virtual events? Not really, but change is required.  

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A CEO’s Love Letter to Travel

I miss travel the way I miss an old friend — the absence is there even without pausing to focus on it.

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Travel Agencies Scoop Up Laid-Off Agents With New Consulting Divisions

Corporate travel agencies spot a potentially lucrative side hustle by utilizing displaced agents. And why not?

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