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Maldives Notches Small and Big Wins in Its Reopening Act

So what good has come out of the Maldives' reopening since July 15? A lot actually, which other resort destinations may learn from, albeit this paradise has its unique strengths.

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Less Than 2 Weeks Remain Until Skift Global Forum 2020

Have you seen the Skift Global Forum program and speaker lineup? This year will not be one to miss as we cover every sector of travel on September 21-23. Don't miss out and be sure to grab your tickets today!

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Marriott to Lay Off 17 Percent of Corporate Headquarters Staff in October

Marriott's corporate job cuts are a fresh reminder that a travel demand rebound is likely years away from ever hitting pre-pandemic performance levels.

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Booking Holdings Is Holding Its Own Amidst the Wreckage But Then There’s Google

The Skift Health Score ranked Booking Holdings as the overall leader in August among 100 public travel companies but the entire travel industry faces grave uncertainties. Then there's that little search engine Google, which has an even larger travel business than Booking.

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Air France-KLM and Amadeus Sign Landmark Distribution Deal

For years, airlines, travel agencies, and their technology partners acknowledged they could adopt more modern ways of selling plane tickets. The sticking point lately has been less technological than commercial. Thursday's deal is a seismic moment serving as a model for how the sector might afford to transition to the future.

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U.S. Travel Association’s ‘Let’s Go There’ Campaign Walks a Fine Line

The U.S. Travel Association's latest campaign — launched in conjunction with 75 travel companies and trade organizations — shows the task of marketing travel in a pandemic hasn't gotten any easier.

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Airbnb Suitor Makes His Case as an Antidote to Market Volatility for a Pending IPO

Message delivered: If Airbnb is concerned about the market's rollercoaster ride and the timing of its going public, then Bill Ackman's Pershing — and other special purpose acquisition companies — could take a little of the anxiety out of the process.

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Join Us for Airline Weekly Lounge Live

Join Skift Senior Aviation Business Editor Brian Sumers and Airline Weekly Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan at 12 p.m. EDT, on Monday, September 14, for a video chat on just what JetBlue and other airlines are doing in California and why focusing on leisure travelers is smart. We'll take your questions live.

Editor's Picks
Jacksonville’s Struggles Reveal the Pandemic Hardship for Travel’s Small Businesses

It's not the biggest city, but Jacksonville's travel recovery from coronavirus is a message to the world: Not even a diverse economy can save a city from the fiscal fallout of a global pandemic.

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Are Airlines Ready to Transport Vaccines for the World?

Shipping enough vaccines for the world's 7.6 billion people would require 8,000 Boeing 747 freighters. Nowhere close to that many freight aircraft of any type exist. And if air freight capacity can be mustered, airlines have to worry about keeping the medicine cold and securing what will be the world's most valuable commodity. Governments need…

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I Don’t Get It: What’s the Point of the ‘Let’s Go There’ Ad Campaign?

Do we really need a vague, sepia-tinted-baritone-overloaded reminder to know we are missing normality and locked out from regular traveling?

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