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What’s Driving Growth for Travel’s Arrangement and Reservation Services: New Skift Research

Travel advisors still exist; tour operators are the last sector to move to digital; online travel platforms are scrambling to keep the growth rate high. We are expecting to see more changes shaping the travel arrangement and reservation services sector in the next few years.

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Only a Few Early-Bird Tickets Remain for Skift Forum Europe

We're heading to Madrid on March 24–25 for Skift Forum Europe! Join us for a fast-paced and innovative conference featuring TED-style talks and deep-dive Q&As with travel's most insightful business leaders and creative thinkers. There are fewer than 10 tickets left at our early-bird discount — act fast and secure your spot before they're gone!

The Story of Oyo's Troubles Is the Story of Modern India

What's happening with Oyo cannot be looked at separately from the modern Indian milieu that gave birth to it, and in which it operates. Oyo now needs to rise above that legacy and bring in the global business practices that ensure it survives and thrives in the future.

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Royal Caribbean Plays It Extra Safe With Coronavirus Contingency Plan

At this stage it's difficult to tell how long the coronavirus outbreak will last and how far it will spread. For now Royal Caribbean is acting with extreme caution in China.

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What’s Wrong at Tripadvisor?

Question: At Tripadvisor, as a controlled company, what mechanisms did minority shareholders have to pressure Chairman Greg Maffei to make dramatic changes? Answer: Relatively few.

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AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes Out For Now Amid Airbus Bribery Probe

There's always some give-and-take whenever any customer places a big order for anything. But did Airbus go too far to try to sway AirAsia? And what will this mean for CEO Tony Fernandes' grand digital plans?

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Travel Megatrends 2020: Tourism’s New Competitive Advantage Is Protecting Destinations

Responding to the burden that tourism can bring requires more than tacking on the idea of management to tourism boards' activities; it requires a paradigm shift in how destinations operate. That shift is under way.

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Airline Weekly Podcast: French Bee President Marc Rochet

In the latest episode of Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, French Bee President Marc Rochet is confident the airline's upcoming Newark-Paris Orly flights will be successful. Rochet said the key is simplicity — in fleet, network, and product. This approach is why the airline is working when so many other European leisure carriers have failed.

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Editor's Picks
Thomas Cook’s Collapse and the Strange Hope It’s Giving Tour Operators

The absence of Thomas Cook has left a big gap to fill in a number of European markets. The early signs in the key January booking period point to a pretty good year for tour operators. Although as we know from experience, that can quickly change.

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Hate-Selling in the Age of Google Travel

Online booking sites still treat potential customers with disdain using manipulative marketing tactics. As airlines and hotel chains have adopted these methods, it calls into question what a world without them would really look like. Google offers a hint.

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You May See Fewer Starbucks Coffee Shops at U.S. Airports: Here’s Why

Airports are welcome to prefer local businesses, but they should also understand Starbucks has a loyal following and should remain in terminals. When it's 5 a.m., and you're at an unfamiliar airport and you just want your reliable coffee fix, Starbucks is often the best bet.

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