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Millennial Parent Travelers Set Themselves Apart From Peers Without Kids: Skift Research

Millennial parents have a lot in common with their generational peers without kids, but they also have some unique travel preferences and values. Their impact on the family travel segment is just beginning.

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Join Us in Dallas for Skift Aviation Forum 2020

Skift Aviation Forum will inspire attendees about the business and global impact of the industry, inform them on the hottest topics of today, and drive discourse around what to expect in the years to come. By purchasing your ticket and newsletter subscription combined, you'll save $500!

Promoting Tourism in the Time of Coronavirus Is a No-Win

Tourism marketers are facing somewhat of a conundrum: The optics of tourism campaigns during widespread panic can fall flat, but failing to market low-risk destinations may make a bad problem even worse.

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Airbnb, Expedia and Others Agree to Landmark Data-Sharing Deal With European Union

It's hard to know whether greater transparency will benefit or hinder these short-term rental platforms. Might lawmakers use the information as a stick to wield over the industry?

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Cruise Lines Relax Cancellation Policies, Hold the Line on Coronavirus-Related Discounts

While dealt a blow by coronavirus, the cruise industry is managing to hold the line on pricing, at least for now. The long-term impact of the crisis remains to be seen, but the cruise industry has weathered many others in the past.

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Oyo’s Post-Coronavirus Valuation Could Fall to Around $6 Billion

Numerous travel companies, private and public, have seen their valuations taken down a peg by coronavirus. But Oyo's China business, where it fields about 60 percent of its rooms, and its ongoing operational problems in other regions exacerbate its likely valuation decline.

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Travel Megatrends 2020: The Rise of Ultra-Long-Haul Flights Is Changing the Way We Travel

Connecting to the ends of the Earth with nonstop flights is an increasingly attractive prospect for flyers. The growing popularity of nearly day-long flights, however, is set to disrupt the economics of the airline business. Adapting will be crucial as demand from the travel industry grows.

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For updates on the outbreak, see the Skift LiveBlog: Coronavirus and the Travel Industry.

Editor's Picks
Nearly 90 Percent of U.S. Travelers Have Yet to Cancel Plans Due to Virus: Skift Research

U.S. travelers are taking a wait-and-see approach to the evolving coronavirus situation, with few canceling just yet. But most American travel happens domestically, and as the virus spreads within the country, that may soon change.

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Why Asia Is Still the Future of Travel in a Post-Coronavirus World

Understanding the geopolitics of Asia and how it intersects with the world will make you understand why travel is resilient — and why its center will continue to be in Asia — in a post-coronavirus world.

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TUI Will Cut Budgets, Freeze Hiring to Deal With Coronavirus Spread

This seems like a sensible approach from TUI. At the moment, there are just too many unknowns, but it does seem like things will get worse before they get better.

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