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What Travel CEOs Are Predicting About the Permanent Return of Business Travel

It's hard to get a true sense of what future business travel demand will look like until international borders reopen and people can return to the office. But it is time to temper the optimism on any significant recovery happening by the end of the year. CEOs seem to finally get this.

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Road to Recovery: What Meeting and Event Planners Want From Hotels and Venues Right Now
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After a yearlong pause for the travel industry, it's now starting to feel like the cloud of uncertainty is being lifted. Planners are increasingly optimistic about the state of meetings and events and are growing more confident by the day about the future of the industry.

Radisson CEO Divulges Why Company Had to Split in Two

Hotel apps and loyalty programs involve a lot of guest data — and potential vulnerability to foreign hackers. Just ask Marriott. Radisson's Americas breakup aims to beef up guest data security.

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Remember When Expedia Wanted to Reduce Its Reliance on Google? Big 180-Degree Shift Now

Critics blasted Airbnb for relying too heavily on Google advertising to obtain customers in 2019. But in the beginning of 2021, Expedia outspent all of its rivals on paid marketing and made some gains. Expedia and its Vrbo brand are making no apologies for it.

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The Airline Failures and Bankruptcies So Far in the Pandemic

Given air travel's standstill in 2020, and the impact of new Delta variant scares, you might think this list would be longer. Still, seeing the airline casualties together like this is pretty staggering.

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$500 Off Skift Global Forum Tickets

We hope to have as many Skift readers as possible join us for Skift Global Forum — that's why we're offering you the chance to save $500 off in-person tickets for the rest of the week! Simply use code SGFNYC at checkout now through Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Spaces are filling up, so click the button below to secure your spot.

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Las Vegas Emerging This Fall as the Hottest Corporate Travel Destination Despite Variant Worries

The city is in tune with the pandemic protocol: after the tourists, next come the business travelers. Las Vegas is edging towards recovery, but Delta variant concerns may spoil the party yet.

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Expedia CEO’s Plea to Fellow Chief Executives to Step Up for Vaccine Equity

Despite decades of economic progress, it is forecast that more people will fall back into poverty post-pandemic than come out. Globally, children remain incredibly challenged to find proper education and socialization. And people are dying. It's clear to me that the public sector cannot do this alone and it is time for the private sector to step up.

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Editor's Picks
The Enduring Impact of 9/11 on the Business of Travel

Twenty years after that fateful day, enhanced security measures are now just part of the routine of travel — and the cost of doing business across the globe.

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The New Wellness Imperative for Long-Haul Travel

It's time to recognize long-haul travel for what it is: an endurance event. For those making the trip instead of the Zoom, there are new imperatives that premium brands need to serve up to cater to these travelers. Hint: it doesn't look like the luxury of the past.

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What Lies Beyond the Peak for Virtual Events

While the pandemic forced users across the globe to flock to virtual events, the peculiar context motivating this massive influx of revenue has left virtual event tech vendors struggling as the need for virtual declines. As a result, establishing realistic business expectations for 2022 and beyond is an entirely new and unpredictable challenge.  

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