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Asia Destinations Look to Indian Tourists as Chinese Remain Home

Destinations were counting on China as the Asian market that will drive tourism recovery. Increasingly, however, their attention is shifting to India, which may be smaller than China, but mighty in its own way.

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Executive Q&A: What Hotels Need to Know About Data Security for 2021
Sponsored by Shiji Group

With so much valuable customer information being processed each day, hotels are prime targets for data breaches. It's vital that they stay abreast of how they can protect their guests as data security evolves and technologies and threats change.

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Klook Raises $200 Million in Bid to Become a Superapp for Experiences

Klook is winning investor confidence during the pandemic. The online agency is tapping into domestic leisure spending in several Asian markets while aspiring to copy some moves from Chinese superapp Meituan by providing more business-to-business services, too.

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Dear World Travel Groups, Stop the Mind-Boggling Confusion Over Testing and Vaccines Now

Nearly a year since Covid's start, the lack of a united front among travel and tourism's leading organizations and groups continues — this time, with confounding, divergent opinions on vaccine mandates. This fragmented approach is sure to stunt the industry's pace of recovery.

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U.S. Airlines Fear ‘Crushing’ Blow From Possible Domestic Travel Testing Requirements

The eagerly awaited recovery in air travel that airlines have talked up may arrive late to the gate if the U.S. mandates negative Covid-19 tests for all domestic air travelers. The potential move could set back recovery efforts underway in the beleaguered industry.

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Join Us on February 17 for the Skift Online Travel & Distribution Summit

The 2021 Skift Online Travel and Distribution Summit will take place on February 17. Don't miss this event featuring a series of interviews, panels, and roundtables with the top travel leaders in the online travel landscape - all live and on-demand for 90 days. Register now.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Airbnb’s Blockbuster IPO May Tempt Barry Diller to Spin Off Vrbo From Expedia

One plus one can equal three sometimes when it comes to spinoffs, especially during the current era where there appears to be an IPO and valuation bubble. Expedia Group seems to be resisting an impulse to spin off Vrbo, let alone Egencia, for now, but the pressure could be substantial.

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Remote Year’s New CEO Sees Opportunity in Changing Global Work Habits

"There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen," Lenin once said. That seems true for the concept of remote working. Decades of talk about a revolution in remote working suddenly became a global experiment. So how will Remote Year adapt for workers hopscotching destinations?

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Editor's Picks
Digital Health Passports Explained in 5 Questions

A passport tends to imply freedom of movement, but with so many options and fast-changing restrictions, travelers need to do their homework before choosing one.

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How the Pandemic Changed European Travel: New Skift Research

The coronavirus has hit Europe hard, but the region will continue to receive accolades as the largest destination and largest source market for many years to come. Let's brush up on our understanding of European travelers, and see how COVID-19 has impacted their travel patterns.

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Airlines May Actually Regain Some Pricing Power This Summer

The rollout of Covid-19 vaccines has the airline industry looking toward an "inflection point" when the travel recovery takes off later this year. That spike in flyers could mean some sky-high fares but, after more than a year stuck at home, travelers may not care.

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