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Tripadvisor Struck Back at Thailand Hotel That Had Reviewer Jailed

A Thailand hotel filed criminal charges, now dropped, against a review writer. But it's now the hotel itself that will get penalized because its placement on Tripadvisor's pages will get demoted for 90 days.

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Reinventing the Destination Management Organization Through Innovation and Collaboration
Sponsored by Houston First Corporation

Quick adaptation and innovation have been essential to Houston's response to Covid-19, through new events, initiatives and technology. With Houston First Corporation on the comms, the problem of Covid-19 went from crippling to simply a new way of being.

Dim Outlook for Biz Travel Drove Hotel Owner to Drop Branding on 200 Marriott and IHG Hotels

Service Properties Trust has to do what's best for shareholders, and maybe that includes severing ties with Marriott and IHG. But don't rule out a business traveler rebound, especially with a vaccine looking more likely in the new year.

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Key West’s Big Ship Ban Signals a Major Shift Ahead for Cruise Tourism

In an unprecedented citizen-led push against mass cruise tourism during a time of undertourism, Key West voters boldly chose to protect the environment and public health. It's sparked hope for change across similarly challenged port communities, but at a time when destinations are desperate for tourism. What's for sure: the "reset" conversation is no longer just talk.

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Biden Will Rejoin the Paris Agreement Global Climate Pact — What Does That Mean for Travel?

The Paris Agreement binds politics and climate change. President-elect Joe Biden now gets to have a say in how much greener travel becomes.

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Have You Registered For Skift Aviation Forum?

Whether you're looking to stay on top of the latest trends in the aviation industry or network with prospective partners or clients, we want to give you, your co-workers, supervisors, and friends in the industry the opportunity to attend. Use our promo code NEWS at checkout to take $25 OFF your ticket today. Register now!

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This Shot of Optimism Heard Around the World

Wake up, U.S. travel industry, we've got lots of work to do.

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JetBlue to Debut Short-Term Rentals as Part of Its Growing Non-Air Offerings

JetBlue has a strong brand and plans to curate the short-term rental inventory it offers with the backing of its own customer service abilities rather than relegating that to a partner. This expansion is worth a try, but will come with brand risks.

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Editor's Picks
Stop Dreaming of a Pre-Pandemic Travel Industry: Key Takeaways From Skift Design The Future

Don't look to the past in how to rebuild the travel industry's post-pandemic future. Look at everything from design to diversity to structuring events.

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The Reality of a Vaccine Is Here: Can Airlines Deliver?

If Pfizer's Covid vaccine is approved, airlines will be on the hook to transport billions of doses. Is the industry up to the job? What roadblocks stand in its way?

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Video: Interview With Noted Global Strategist Parag Khanna at Skift Forum Asia🔒

This geopolitical scientist notes that an awareness of history plays a huge role in any recovery from crisis. Asia has that advantage for the long-term view coming out of the pandemic.

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