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Editor's Note

The travel industry has not seen this kind of global disruption since the financial crisis of 2008. Each day, the spread of coronavirus brings new uncertainty. Since news of the virus first broke wide out of Wuhan in early January, Skift has been on top of the story from every angle that is important to you.

To help you get the most from our unparalleled travel coverage, we have launched a dynamic new liveblog where you can follow our latest analysis and commentary throughout the day. Check it out and don't miss out. Meanwhile, be safe.

Top Stories
Millennial Parents Are Bringing a New Generation to Family Travel: New Skift Research

Families headed by millennial parents are taking an ever larger share of the family travel market. To win them over, the industry needs to know what sets them apart from their generational peers.

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Announcing the Inaugural Skift Aviation Forum

It's official — the inaugural Skift Aviation Forum will take place November 18–19 in Dallas-Fort Worth! We look forward to exploring emerging business models, leading growth markets, the challenge of addressing environmental responsibilities, game-changing new aircraft technology, and much more.

How Bad Will It Get for Airlines When Coronavirus Hits the U.S.?

If — or more likely when — coronavirus hits the United States, few travelers will act rationally. That's bad news for U.S. airlines, which could be flying empty airplanes in the not-too-distant future.

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Expedia Begins Layoffs Targeting 12 Percent of Its Workforce

Diller and Kern are taking an ax, as promised, to Expedia Group's payroll. This could be just the first round, and the thinking might be: Why sell to private equity, have those folks squeeze out the cost savings, and reshape the business when we can do it ourselves?

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Abandoned Hong Kong Hotels Go Into Survival Mode as Virus Fallout Spreads

As hotel occupancy plunges to a single digit, Hong Kong's leadership toward one of its most important industries is being put to the test during the coronavirus crisis. So is the leadership of hotel CEOs in keeping their companies whole.

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Booking Channels Rival Expedia and Will Cut Costs Too

Could investors be whispering in Glenn Fogel's ears that what's good for Barry Diller's Expedia Group might be beneficial for Booking Holdings as well? Booking Holdings is usually a first mover in such online travel initiatives, but in this case, when it comes to cost cutting, it appears as though Booking Holdings heard the rumblings emanating from Expedia Group's Seattle headquarters.

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Travel Megatrends 2020: Short-Term Rental Winners Emerge

The short-term rental ecosystem is getting bigger, which means many winners are set to emerge from the pack. Expect further brand-driven professionalization, more outside investment, and vendor consolidation. Those getting on board will benefit, but is a backlash in the cards?

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Airline Weekly Podcast: Can La Compagnie's All-Business-Class Model Work?

In the latest episode of the Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, can an all-business-class airline work while others have failed? La Compagnie President Christian Vernet thinks so. Vernet said his airline's product sets it apart, and that the Airbus A321 is the ideal aircraft for both the route and the on-board product. In addition to its year-round Paris-New York flights, the airline again this summer plans to operate Newark-Nice flights.

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Editor's Picks
Marriott Is Already Reopening China Hotels During Coronavirus Crisis

Marriott was already having trouble in Asia-Pacific in 2019 before the coronavirus impact hit. The company isn't forecasting a major impact outside of Asia, and it's already reopening hotels inside China. It pays to collect fees — and not actually own or run hotels — during a crisis like this.

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Can Algeria Avert Financial Ruin Through Revived Tourism and New Visa Rules?

Algeria faces dwindling cash reserves and an unsustainable economic model. Like much of the Middle East, it must diversify away from oil and attract visitors. The strategically located North African country boasts many ideal destinations. It remains unclear, however, if the government can turn to its historically overlooked tourism sector for much-needed economic relief.

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How to Get Music Right in Luxury Lifestyle Hotels

Music is getting better at hotels. What was once piped through in muted tones has now moved front and center. The strongest hospitality companies are investing in experiences in an effort to map from the soul of a brand and capture its signature sound. And, as Sister City has shown with its Björk collaboration, hotel music can become high-concept performance.

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