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United Airlines Confronts Ticketing Ploy That Nets Travelers Cheaper Fares

Airlines hate so-called hidden-city ticketing. They believe it flouts their fare rules and threatens how they do business. But are they being too aggressive as they try to thwart it?

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Skift Global Forum 2019
Travel Managers Turn to Creative Solutions to Meet Ever-Increasing Duty-of-Care Obligations
Sponsored by Medjet

As business travel booms, companies are focused on their obligations to provide cost-effective health and safety support for their organizational travelers. Accidents, illnesses, and safety concerns can happen, and creative turnkey solutions are helping firms of all sizes cover an ever-increasing number of trips for work, pleasure, and those that combine the two.

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How Bad Will It Get When Overtourism Meets Climate Change?

The effects of climate change and overtourism on global destinations will converge over the course of the coming decades. Leaders need to start planning now for a world defined by overcrowding and limited resources.

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Vacasa to Acquire Wyndham Vacation Rentals for $162 Million

Vacasa will roughly double the inventory its team has to manage. That's a lot to chew on. The risk is falling prey to hubris.

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Hong Kong Tourism Starts to Feel Impact as Pro-Democracy Protests Rage On

Major Hong Kong hotels expect to report lower earnings for the year but believe that the city will retain its global standing as one of the world's biggest tourism hubs in the long term.

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Who Will You Meet at Skift Global Forum 2019 This September?

Attendees come from all corners of the world to be a part of the annual Skift Global Forum. Plus more than 50% of attendees are director-level or higher in their companies. Secure your place among travel's leaders and innovators today!

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Air Canada Pays 737 Max Pilots to Not Fly as Grounding Drags On

Air Canada bet on the Boeing 737 Max to refresh its fleet and reduce its operating costs. But it has not worked out as planned.

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Where Do Americans Spend Their Travel Dollars? New Skift Research

Take a deep dive into American travel spending habits by category, demographics, and destinations — and over time.

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Skift Global Forum Preview
Skift Global Forum Preview: Publicis Exec Tobaccowala Says Human Connection More Important Than Ever

Experiences are increasingly central to travel. This means travel companies should pay special attention to long-term values like relationships, authenticity, and emotional connection while also not forgetting about the bottom line.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Away’s Jen Rubio Created Cult Luggage by Creating a Community

Jen Rubio didn't just co-create a luggage brand — she created an online community by understanding the way travel is an aspirational good in the age of social media. Plenty of companies could learn a thing or two.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Delta CEO on Responsibility to Manage Footprints We Leave Behind

At most airlines, the advertising tagline is just for marketing. But Delta seems to take its tagline — "Keep Climbing" — a little more seriously than its competitors.

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Editor's Picks
Marriott’s Alibaba Joint Venture in China Is Part of Its Direct-Booking Strategy

Marriott could do a lot worse than tying its fortunes in China to the e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba. Rest assured that this won't be the last big partnership for Marriott in the country. These are, after all, early days.

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Cox & Kings’ Struggles Force Closure of UK Travel Group

Things look to have deteriorated rapidly at Cox & Kings. Can it now raise enough money to stop itself from going out of business?

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Booking Quietly Taps Google Heavy Hitter to Lead Marketing in Exec Reorg

Glenn Fogel adding CEO to his title as Gillian Tans transitioned to a one-year chairwoman role was not the only element of the management shakeup at the parent company's largest brand in June. The executive changes were more far-reaching, and the implications are open-ended.

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