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Giving Away the House? Las Vegas Resorts Reopen With Rock-Bottom Rates

Vegas casino operators may care more about occupancy over daily rates in the initial recovery, but prolonged room discounts can alter guest rate expectations — and sink hotel revenue streams for the long-term.

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Program Announced for Skift Forum Europe

The agenda for this year's Skift Forum Europe event has been announced! We'll be covering all aspects of the travel sector and discussing topics such as the state of European tourism, the sustainability of the global travel ecosystem, ushering a new hospitality reality, and much more. View the full list of sessions on our website and get registered today.

Hotels-Backed Online Search Platform Roomkey Suspends Operations

Roomkey.com's demise (temporary or not) shouldn't be seen as a sign hotel companies can't compete with OTAs. But if revived, the brand will likely need a more in-your-face approach than pop-under ads to drive traffic.

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Alaska Airlines Owes Nearly $600 Million in Credits to Travelers That Could Hurt a Recovery

Several airlines have extended the length of time passengers have to use travel credits. Are they trying to be nice? Or are they trying to make sure passengers use credits over time, and not all at once?

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Will Airbnb Flip the Initial Public Offering Playbook Yet Again?

In this tragic and topsy-turvy year, market conditions can change before the end of this sentence. As of this writing, Airbnb seemingly has a path to go public at a valuation that it can likely live with.

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Skift Forum Europe
Travel's Reopening: A Global Timeline From the Skift Team

Our Reopening Timeline explains the when and the where of how the reopening and potential recovery of travel goes from here. Check it out at Reopening.travel.

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Who Launches a Brand in the Worst Year Ever for Hotels?

It's the worst time to launch a new hotel brand, right? Maybe not, if you're banking on a low-cost conversion model for operators struggling to meet bigger brand standards.

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Booking.com Terminates Contracts With Tours and Attractions Operators

TUI/Musement's new strategic partnership with Booking.com has the potential to reshuffle the powers that be in tours and activities, especially in Europe. But TUI doesn't have a stellar track record in online offerings, and much of the promise will depend on its execution.

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Editor's Picks
No Stroopwafels, Fancy TV Screens? How U.S. Air Travel May Change Beyond Tackling Health Concerns

Covid-19 will change the flying experience for a long time, as people take precautions to avoid getting sick. But it'll also change flying for another reason. Airlines are taking on considerable debt, and they'll need to cut costs as they try to repay it, at least until revenues improve.

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Visit Baltimore CEO: Let’s Have the Race Conversation and Change Tourism Once and for All

Lots of urgent changes are needed in travel, and nothing more urgent than making it racially diverse. As an industry, we have fallen short, and tourism needs to reflect the diversity of the world of travelers it serves.

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What Will Be the Shape of the Supersize Indian Wedding When It Returns?

Just a few months ago, no one imagined Indian weddings could ever be small and intimate. But it looks like "Honey, who shrunk my wedding?" will be the new chant post-pandemic. That need not be bad for couples, wedding planners, and destinations.

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