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Travel’s Labor Problem Now as Surge in Demand Leaves Operators Scrambling

A travel labor shortage isn't what anyone was expecting during a pandemic, but traveler confidence heading into the summer heavily outpaces the ability of many business owners to call back furloughed workers or hire more people from overseas.

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Next Event: Loyalty and Subscription Summit
Executive Q&A: What Hotels Need to Look for When Choosing the Right Tech Stack
Sponsored by Shiji Group

After the year the hospitality industry just went through, it's more important than ever that enterprise hotels update their technology roadmaps. Implementing technology that allows them to focus on the overall customer journey and offer a customized, yet branded experience, will be key when it comes to getting ahead in 2021 and beyond.

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What Long-Ignored U.S. Travel Execs Told a New Senate Subcommittee Focused on Tourism

The new bipartisan tourism subcommittee, co-chaired by senators from tourism-dependent states, kicked off Tuesday with testimony from travel executives on U.S. tourism's biggest recovery challenges ahead — and that in itself is another big light in the tunnel alongside vaccines.

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Hospitality Companies Thought Insurance Coverage Would Be There for a Crisis. It Wasn't.

Struggling hospitality companies keep taking the insurance companies to court over denied claims during the pandemic. They're highly unlikely to win.

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Airlines Will Watch Closely the Biden-Era Scrutiny of the American-JetBlue Partnership

The Justice Department is reviewing the controversial new partnership between American Airlines and JetBlue Airways for antitrust concerns. If the deal is off, what does it mean for an airline industry battered by the pandemic?

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Join Us Next Week for Our Skift Loyalty and Subscription Summit

We're just four days away from our Skift Loyalty and Subscription Summit taking place at 11 a.m. ET on April 21, and on-demand. Don't miss conversations led by Skift editors, analysts, and special guests as they discuss the future of loyalty and the impact subscriptions may bring as travel returns post-crisis.

Marriott Teams With Uber to Bolster Its Bonvoy Loyalty Offering

You likely won't earn a flood of points this way, but Marriott's Uber link-up is the latest in an ongoing travel loyalty program push to enable members to earn points outside the traditional streams like hotel stays or miles flown.

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Why Green Singapore Wants to Go Even Greener

Singapore sees a huge future in sustainable tourism as an outcome of the pandemic. And when Singapore sees, Singapore does.

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Introducing Skift Liveblog on Travel’s Great Reopening, by the Numbers

Our Reopening Travel liveblog explains the when and the where of how the reopening and recovery of travel is unfolding by the numbers and where it goes from here.

Check it out at Reopening.travel.

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Editor's Picks
8 Takeaways on How Airbnb Lost Hosts During the Pandemic

Airbnb sees recruiting new hosts as vital to its future growth but it hasn't reversed a significant decline in its ranks. Macroeconomic trends will likely reverse the trend, but the competition to win hearts and listings is getting intense.

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What a Stay at Kayak’s New Miami Beach Hotel Revealed

Kayak and Life House have joined forces to launch Kayak's first foray into the hospitality industry. The concept is a good one, but to be successful, the kinks in technology and customer service still need to be worked out, as Skift learned firsthand.

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Is the Event Industry Facing a Brain Drain?

The lack of support for event planners over the past 13 months has left many in the lurch over Covid, forcing planners to retool, reskill, and, in some cases, restart in other careers. What will this mean for the industry as events begin to resume?  

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