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The Very Best of Skift Global Forum and Other Top Stories
Airbnb CEO Sees the New Age of Mobility Redefining the World of Travel

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky presented his vision for a dramatically changed travel industry of the future. The issue that no one can answer right is how enduring some of these trends will be.

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Skift Daily Briefing
Azerbaijan's Natural Landscape Offers Travelers a Socially Distant Wellness Getaway
Sponsored by Azerbaijan Tourism Board

At a time when sustainability, social distancing, and reconnecting with the environment are key priorities for travelers, Azerbaijan offers a number of unique ways to experience its natural riches.

Tripadvisor CEO Defends Subscription Service Changes That Rattled Investors

Tripadvisor CEO Stephen Kaufer acknowledged that hotels objected to the discounted rates being advertised on the Plus program, but said the change to a points-based wallet will be a hit with consumers. Wall Street wasn't too sure, wiping out $374 million in the day after the news broke.

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Watch: Skift Global Forum Opening Night

Join at 5pm EST on September 21 to watch our free livestream of interviews with Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and geopolitical author and strategist Parag Khanna.

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TWA Hotel Owner: Hospitality Needs to Adopt the Airline Pricing Model

Airlines shed their money-losing reputation by unbundling products and services and charging passengers on an à la carte basis. The recovering hotel industry could deploy the concept to make more money coming out of the pandemic.

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Southwest’s Incoming CEO Says Hiring Will Be a Big Early Challenge

Southwest Airlines' Robert Jordan is mostly excited about his new job but also "20 percent terrified." And for good reason, he takes the helm as the carrier navigates a hiring crunch in the midst of the recovery from the worst crisis in its history.

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Rebooting Customer Experience to Bring Back Travel’s Magic: New Skift-McKinsey Research

The Covid-19 pandemic upended life as we know it, and devastated the travel industry globally. As travel volumes are returning in many parts of the world, it will be essential to put renewed focus on customer experience in the months ahead. Travel companies that fail to do so risk being left behind in the recovery.

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Can Tourism Go Outside Its Comfort Zone by Confronting Social Issues Head-On?

The message from these two outspoken speakers was clear: the travel industry must go beyond easy rhetoric on diversity to be inclusive, and community-minded. Copping out is not an option.

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Hilton CEO: Business Travel Demand Will Eclipse 2019 Levels in 3 Years

Don't discount the return of business travel demand, but Hilton has an advantage in having a bulk of its business transient traffic coming from smaller companies. Those relying on major corporate traffic to fill hotel rooms shouldn't get too excited quite yet.

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Uber CEO Is Fine Not Having a Superapp Model to Broaden Ridesharer’s Reach Into Travel

Come for the rides, stay for the food. Dara Khosrowshahi joined Uber as CEO when ridehailing was everything. Now he's navigating a multi-product approach. Yet when it comes to profits, Uber's still en route.

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A Deaf Traveler Opens Up About Making Travel More Accessible

Accessible travel shouldn't be something to be checked off a list. Instead, Marlene Valle says, it's a human right.

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Hopper CEO Hopes to Create a Google-Crushing Superapp for Travel

The generational signs are there, according to Hopper Chief Frederic Lalonde , and they're showing a future for superapps in the West.

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U.S. to Ease Travel Restrictions for All Vaccinated Travelers Worldwide From November

This is the most significant international travel news since the start of pandemic restrictions being put in place. Watch travel bookings go crazy — and the share prices of travel companies.

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Expedia Consolidates 3 Loyalty Programs With New Rewards for Vacation Rentals

With Marriott Bonvoy making loyalty inroads, and subscription programs having a moment, Expedia Group is consolidating its far-flung loyalty programs in a move that coincides with its strategy to simplify its operations.

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Concur Co-Founder Is Back With Biz Travel Startup Spotnana

Second seasons often disappoint, but Steve Singh's comeback bodes well for blue-chip corporations. Singh is a business travel icon, and his ideas and energy may rev up the metabolism of travel managers, whether or not they buy into his new startup Spotnana.

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Skift Pro Exclusive

Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts Valuations Tank on Chinese Crackdown

Increased oversight from Chinese regulators in Macau threatens a massive financial hit to U.S. gaming resort operators. But don't expect this to lead to a mass exodus to other gaming markets in Asia.

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