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What’s in Store for the Hotel Sector in 2020: New Skift Research

Hotel performance in 2020 could diverge from region to region as local uncertainty makes itself felt across markets from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and more. Our overall outlook is for slower but still positive growth.

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Executive Q&A: An Inside Look at American Airlines and IHG's New Business Travel Partnership
Sponsored by IHG

American Airlines and IHG partner to tap into the business opportunity of small- and medium-size businesses by offering more value to companies that are members of both corporate travel programs.

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The Complicated Business of Saving Elephant Tourism: A Skift Deep Dive

Given the complexity of Asian elephant tourism, it's natural for rifts to form. A lot of people want to do the right thing, but there are many issues that are still up in the air — and a lot of business is at stake.

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Who Will Be Expedia’s New CEO?

Facing intense competition and a company in disarray, the Expedia Group board and senior executive Barry Diller have no time to dillydally. No one can forecast what the online travel market will look like in the next five years, but Diller et al need to find a couple of top executives who can quickly figure out Expedia's path forward.

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How Thomas Cook’s European Businesses Are Now Divvied Up Among Rivals

Thomas Cook collected its fair share of brands over the years. Now rivals are picking over what remains of the group.

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Puerto Rico Aims to Boost Biz Travel With High-Tech Entertainment District

El Distrito is an ambitious plan, and the island is throwing an extraordinary amount of effort toward making it a success. This is something that matters to business leaders. Hopefully, visitors will have the same enthusiasm.

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Who Loves Travel Advisors the Most? It’s Millennials, Not Boomers

Emerging destinations and changes in travel styles are fueling a need for human interaction in the travel planning process among younger generations. Companies would be wise not to neglect the human element instead of betting the bank on booking and personalization technology alone.

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Airline Weekly Podcast: Is The "Smart Airport" Really a Thing?

In this week's episode of the Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, Travel Tech Editor Sean O'Neill takes a look at how advances in technology are improving the passenger experience, baggage tracking, and security. Hear what some of the world's more innovative airports are doing to implement new technologies into every part of their operations.

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Editor's Picks
Why the Luxury Sabbatical Trend Looks Built to Last

This is only the beginning of the sabbatical movement — a flash point in which trends in work, mindfulness, technology, and access all come together. Expect high-end consumers to become accustomed to the idea of taking extended leaves with their family at regular intervals, especially as the millennial generation ages.

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The Way Forward for Expedia May Include Selling Off Businesses

The strategy and vision for the next stage in Expedia Group's life should include sharp departures from the status quo, but rest assured that the company line for the time being will be stability to keep the peace.

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Domestic Travel Outlook Softens in Another Worrying Sign for U.S. Travel

Amid a softening forecast for domestic travel within the United States and red tape in Washington, D.C., Brand USA still needs a legislative path forward — and time is running out.

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