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It Won't Get Better in the Second Half of 2020

Let's start planning 2021, assuming most of our businesses get there …

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Register Now for Our Loyalty Webinar on July 16

Join Skift editors, research analysts, and leaders throughout the industry for this 90-minute webinar as we discuss the ongoing global crisis and its effect on the loyalty-tech landscape. Registration is open so book your place now.

6 Key Takeaways From Skift Forum Europe

Nothing like a world-shattering crisis to force companies to look into the mirror and contemplate a makeover. Will consumer travel preferences change forever because of coronavirus? Forever is a very long time.

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IHG and Accor Leaders See Short-Term Virus Response Fueling Longer-Term European Hotel Strategies

The hotel sector is nothing if not inventive, and IHG and Accor have bold ideas to take advantage of what's shaping up to be a mostly domestic summer season.

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Introducing the Next Phase of Skift’s Evolution: Skift Pro, Our Daily News Membership Service

Skift Pro is designed to give our loyal travel industry readers unlimited access to our independent and exclusive news coverage and directly support Skift business and growth from here.

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Could This Be the End of Hostels in Singapore?

The spectre of vanishing hostels in Singapore is a dreadful one. The city needs these establishments, which keep its accommodation landscape affordable and vibrant.

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KLM CEO Still Sees Slow Recovery Even as More Flights Resume

KLM has a powerful brand and should be able to withstand this crisis. But it is not a good time for legacy European airlines that usually rely on lucrative corporate travelers.

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Travel Managers Are Working Out How Companies Can Return to Travel — Is It Worth It?

With so much uncertainty, you might wonder why travel managers would bother pitching any process to get employees moving again. But there is a method to the madness.

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Editor's Picks
Nearly 37 Million Americans Are Expected to Take July 4th Road Trips Even as Virus Cases Surge

The pandemic shows no signs of slowing down in the U.S., but the Arrivalist's Daily Travel Index shows that Americans are taking road trips regardless.

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Airbnb House Party Crackdown Now Bans Certain Renters Under 25

Wild house parties are certainly not in the interests of short-term rental platforms because of the brand hits and potential liability. Airbnb's limited steps won't end the problem, but it may reduce the volume — in more ways than one.

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Behind the Lens: How Google’s Street View Traveler Is Capturing the World’s Most Iconic Places

Business travel is often dreaded by perpetual road warriors, but that's not true for Valentina Frassi. Except when there's a pandemic, Frassi travels the world recording iconic scenes of major landmarks that most people can only dream of seeing.

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