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The Rise and Fall of Iceland’s Tourism Miracle

Life has changed for Icelanders as the country's tourism industry faces a slump. While many are looking at the change as an opportunity to reassess their business, the widespread decline of tourism across the country presents intractable problems.

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Skift Global Forum 2019
Announcing the Skift Global Forum Mobile App for Attendees

Did you know Skift Global Forum has its own mobile app? Available only to registered attendees, the app is both comprehensive and user-friendly so attendees can connect with ease. Sign up and join us in New York next week!

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Vacasa Dominates Vacation Rentals With Acquisitions and Digital Tech

The hospitality industry is still working to figure out the vacation home rental market. Vacasa, the market leader in the space with respect to total managed properties, may just have a leg up on the competition.

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United Airlines Plays Up Its Denver Advantage as Global Routes Suffer

No doubt United President Scott Kirby has a high opinion of his talents. But he said United's Denver gamble would pay off. And by all accounts, it has.

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Mexico Tourism Marketing Gap Leads Ex-Board Staffers to Launch New Company

The true results of the Mexican government's dismantling of its tourism board likely won't be known for years, but former staffers in the Los Angeles office have formed a new marketing company they hope will fill in the gap. Keep an eye on neighboring tropical destinations, which are looking to swoop in on the opportunity.

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Datalex to Lose Lufthansa Tech Contract After Management Fiasco

Airline tech vendor Datalex had a spectacular accounting meltdown in 2018. Lufthansa, its largest customer, wants to kill its contract. Meanwhile, Datalex's auditor threw up its hands and quit. What a mess.

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Alternative Accommodations Are Growing Nearly Twice as Fast as Hotels in Europe: New Skift Research

Alternative accommodations have long been more prominent in Europe than in the U.S. And that sector is only growing larger as it expands more than 1.7 times as fast as hotels on the continent.

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Skift Airline Weekly Podcast: Las Vegas McCarran International's Rosemary Vassiliadis

In this week's edition of the Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, Rosemary Vassiliadis, director of McCarran International Airport System, thinks airlines are flat wrong in their opposition to raising the passenger facility charge. Airports have long argued for raising this fee, but airlines say doing so would crimp demand for travel. This isn't true, Vassiliadis argued.

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Announcing Our Newest Acquisition: EventMB Is Now Part of the Skift Family

Skift has been covering the business of meetings and events for the last three years, and now with EventMB as part of our family, we become the largest independent media source in the events industry as well.

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Skift Global Forum Preview
Skift Global Forum Preview: Amtrak CEO Wants to Bring Airline Nimbleness to the Rails

Amtrak needed someone to come in and run it like a private business. Former Delta CEO Richard Anderson was probably the right choice. He knows how to turn things around, even if he may ruffle a few feathers along the way.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Saira Teaches Luxury Hospitality Skills for the Real World

Training the next generation of luxury hotel employees may require more than the old-fashioned schooling that's been in place for decades.

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Skift Global Forum Preview: Why Airbnb Turned to HotelTonight for Its Data Savvy

HotelTonight's acquisition by Airbnb last March represented a happy outcome, but it wasn't inevitable. Back in 2015, HotelTonight faced layoffs and fundraising hiccups. Here, co-founder and CEO Sam Shank shares some of the ways he got his company back on track.

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Editor's Picks
How Boutique Hotel Brands Build an Opening Buzz

Luxury lifestyle brands are popping up all over the place. In order to distinguish themselves against more traditional competitors, the new kids on the block are taking great pains to integrate themselves into their neighborhoods. One strategy is inviting neighbors to play a role in grand openings.

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Pinterest Tries to Pin Down Carnival and Other Travel Marketers

The popular but unprofitable visual search company needs to crack more big-budget marketing accounts to make its financial picture more attractive. This year, Pinterest began offering the ability to target ads to subsets of users based on their travel interests. That will help.

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Minor Vs. Marriott Lawsuit in Thailand Shows Risks of Chain Consolidation

Global chains and hotel owners will watch this case closely as it addresses the contentious issue of whether brand consolidation affects the ability of chains to drive business to a hotel.

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