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The Rise and Fall of Mark Okerstrom as Expedia CEO

Mark Okerstrom's time as CEO of Expedia Group ended abruptly Wednesday after merely two years. Here's a recap of Okerstrom's tenure and why controlling investor Barry Diller felt Okerstrom failed to keep an eye on the ball.

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Will 2020 Be the Year APAC Finally Embraces Managed Travel?
Sponsored by Travelstop

Companies across APAC have embraced business travel as a way to fuel ambitious growth and generate eye-popping revenues. Now, companies are formalizing their corporate travel policies and using software solutions to better manage travel spend and drive efficiencies. With tools like Travelstop gaining market share, next year could be the tipping point for professionalized business travel booking in Asia.

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What’ll It Take to Survive in Short-Term Rentals: Former Top Airbnb Exec

People may see short-term rentals as a good get-rich-quick scheme. But according to former Airbnb CFO Laurence Tosi, it's not a simple business. The most successful companies in the space, he said, are also the most sophisticated.

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The Reinvention of Allegiant Air

Long among the world's most profitable airlines, Allegiant seeks even greater riches with a mix of old tricks and new ideas. Some, in fact, have nothing to do with air service.

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Battling Executive Burnout in the 24/7 Travel Business

Burnout is everywhere in our precarious global economy, but it's especially pronounced in the travel and hospitality industry. Knowing the reasons why can help prevent it from taking over.

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Skift Holiday Reading List: Top Free Reports of 2019

Have some extra down time coming up? We've got you covered with a Skift Partners reading list for this holiday season. Be sure to bookmark this page of our top FREE sponsored reports — everything from hospitality design to meetings and events tech to wellness in travel.

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AirAsia Wants to Beat U.S. Fast Food Chains by Opening First Airline Food Restaurant

The world's first attempt to bring airline cuisine to the ground — not the other way round — is here, and in a few years AirAsia figures there will be a chain of 1,000 franchised restaurants. It's becoming a serious matter.

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What to Watch Out for in the 2020 Travel Economy: New Skift Research

We head into 2020 with more question marks than any year of this cycle. Risks are rising and the global economy is slowing. Here's what you need to know to be prepared.

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Airline Weekly Podcast: Why Volaris Is Taking the Bus

Mexican ultra-low-cost carrier Volaris has set its sights on the bus. That's where it sees the most opportunity to grow: by poaching passengers from the country's long-distance bus network. In this episode of the Skift Airline Weekly Lounge podcast, Editor Madhu Unnikrishnan talks about Volaris' growth strategy, why its employees are sometimes escorted out of bus stations by security, and more.

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Editor's Picks
Huge Reorg at Expedia, CEO Out, Diller Takes Over

Well, this is a surprise. Expedia's two top executives resign unexpectedly. And Barry Diller moves in.

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What Does Online Travel Really Mean by a ‘Connected Trip’?

Creating the connected trip means online travel agencies will have to become high-powered, tech-first, traditional travel agencies. It sounds cool but probably isn't feasible without major upheaval across the global travel market.

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New Chapter Opens for Asia’s Soneva Hotels With a More Than $200 Million Investment

Can an independent hotel group with just three properties now survive as the industry keeps consolidating? If the brand is Soneva, yes, and new backing is taking it forward.

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