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Hospitality’s Devastating Loss of Talent Should Be Your Gain

Great hoteliers are a different breed with skill sets that are hard to find in other industries. While hospitality has cut talent to the bone, other growing industries can benefit from a very unique suite of people skills, operational acumen, and soft diplomacy. They are worth consideration.

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Join Us June 30 for the Premier European Travel Event

The Skift Forum Europe online event is around the corner. No matter where your interest lies across the spectrum of travel, this year's program has a session to suit everyone. Learn more about our speaker sessions and register today. Don't forget to use promo code NEWS99 to register for just $99.

Who Wants an American Tourist Now?

Even as America reopens, its failed pandemic response means that tourists will be crossing its borders in and out of it much less for a while to come.

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Do U.S. Airlines Have a Legal Right to Bar Passengers Who Don’t Wear Masks?

Just wear a mask on an airplane. It's not that hard, and it keeps everyone safer.

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American Travelers Likely Won’t Be Allowed Into EU Anytime Soon

How is that a surprise? Seems common sense is being made official in EU.

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Don't Miss Mondays Live With Skift Airline Weekly

Join Brian Sumers, Skift senior aviation business editor, and Madhu Unnikrishnan, Skift Airline Weekly editor, for a livestream at 11:30 a.m. EDT, this Monday, June 29, as they discuss the air travel recovery, mask requirements for flights, and just what might happen with airline labor. They'll take your questions. Can't make it live? We'll post an audio replay later in the week on the Airline Weekly Lounge podcast.

Convention Plateau: The Hotel Recovery Can Only Go So Far Without Group Bookings

Unless a vaccine or widespread coronavirus treatment becomes available this year, a W-shaped hotel industry recovery seems likely. But that doesn't mean hoteliers should accept that fate — alternative revenue streams are out there.

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How United Airlines Is Crowdsourcing Corporate Clients to Rebuild Routes

Admire the simplicity of United Airlines' plan to rebuild its route network for businesses — but question its accuracy.

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Editor's Picks
Rethinking Skift’s 2020 Travel Megatrends in a Pandemic World

Right before coronavirus brought the travel industry to its knees, we released our Megatrends Defining Travel in 2020. We've gone back and looked at those trends through the prism of the pandemic. Check out how things have changed.

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Tourism Marketers Must Now Go Beyond Optics to Reach Black Travelers

It's long been the case that destination marketers have largely ignored Black travelers. But with the widespread protests following George Floyd's murder, the industry is rightly being called out. It's time to go beyond mere representation and focus on holistic change from the inside out.

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Americans Would Get Tax Credits to Travel Under Senator’s Plan to Boost U.S. Tourism

Sen. Martha McSally is trying to boost domestic travel in the U.S. Her tax credit idea is an interesting approach to giving Americans more incentive to travel beyond local trips.

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