October 9, 2021
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Don't let the hype about all-inclusive resorts being another offering for loyalty members fool you: This trend provides major hotel companies like Wyndham a much-needed growth story for shareholders during the travel recovery.

The pandemic proved that digitized payment solutions are no longer a "nice-to-have" for travel and hospitality companies and the businesses they work with — they're now a must. Thankfully, new digital payment solutions in the B2B space, many inspired by innovations in B2C payments, are now available, as the industry looks toward a post-pandemic landscape.


Delta Air Lines is getting public relations blowback by not mandating its employees be vaccinated. Delta points to its voluntary vaccination program as a success, but the Atlanta-based carrier said it will fall into line when the federal government requires contractors to vaccinate crews.

Global airlines said Monday they don't want to take the responsibility mandating Covid-19 vaccines for travelers. Instead, they're more than happy to stand behind national governments as they make jabs a condition for international arrivals.

Oyo's original use case in a country like India was the genius level breakthrough that has persisted, despite all its troubles over the last few years. Glad it is doubling down on its core focus, as this IPO doc shows.

The second annual Skift Aviation Forum promises thought-provoking discussion and comprehensive case studies from industry leaders at United Airlines, Skyscanner, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, American Airlines, Association of Flight Attendants, Expedia Group, and more. Registration is officially open, so secure your tickets today!


Show, don't preach — that's what other destinations can glean from Korea's viral campaign.

Corporate vaccine mandates are thorny topics, but in the U.S. this type of restriction may just become policy as airlines wrestle with their own workforce policies.

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Corporate Covid vaccine requirements are a uniquely U.S. problem as most countries lack the same level of anti-vaccine sentiment. United distinguished itself early with an employee mandate but, beyond being the "right thing to do," CEO Scott Kirby doesn't want a safety measure to be a competitive advantage.

With constantly changing guidelines and inconsistent government mandates, handling Covid testing and vaccination requirements at live events is a complex challenge fraught with potential legal minefields. Here's what veteran event planners and legal experts recommend.

It's never been easy for hoteliers to decide which tech investments to make. The pandemic has tightened budgets and workforces, making the choices even tougher.

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