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New $100,000-a-Night Resort in the Philippines Faces Hurdles

It's good to see that the Philippines keeps cracking down on developments to ensure they are in line with environmental and easement issues, even those at the ultra-premium end of the spectrum. But that's not the only challenge Banwa faces.

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New Skift Report: The Transformative Role of Design in Hospitality
Sponsored by Accor Group

Today we know better than to treat design like a last-minute topcoat on a finished project. Instead design must become an integral part of how hospitality brands do business, how they interact with consumers, and how they leave their mark on the world.

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Cvent Acquires DoubleDutch to Fuel Event Engagement Growth

Cvent has spent the last few years gobbling up innovative companies to round out its gigantic platform for planners, hotels, and corporations. DoubleDutch is yet another example of Cvent's aggressive approach to building its platform through acquisitions.

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Dominican Republic Counters Negative Publicity After U.S. Tourist Deaths

Media reports of seven U.S. tourist deaths in the last year in the Dominican Republic certainly sound alarming. But judgment should be reserved until a connection between them is established. Otherwise the industry may needlessly suffer.

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Hyatt’s Two Roads Hospitality Acquisition Drives Larger Loyalty Play

Hyatt keeps packing on the partnerships to please reward members, which is probably the smart play for the time being. Creating alliances with hoteliers is a faster solution than building a slew of new properties in new markets from scratch.

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Speaker Spotlight: Meet G6 Hospitality's CIO, Jessie Burgess

Jessie Burgess is the chief information officer of G6 Hospitality and has been a part of the executive team since January 2017. He joined G6 Hospitality in 2001 after serving in the U.S. Armed Forces as a communications and computer systems officer. Register today to hear his take on the travel tech industry on June 27 at Skift Tech Forum. Don't forget to use code SUB20 to get 20% off.

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Airbnb Expands Experiences Into Multiday Adventures

Give Airbnb credit for sticking to its blueprint by offering Airbnb Adventures in its own image, avoiding typical mainstream expeditions. Whether this will develop into a reliable service and big business for the homesharing company will be proven on Colorado cliffs and at Galapagos coffee farms.

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Skift Tech Forum Preview
Skift Tech Forum: Carnival Builds a Connected Cruise Experience

Cruising has lagged behind other sectors of travel when it comes to digitization and personalization. A new wave of technology, though, is creating a more seamless experience for cruisers around the world.

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Skift Tech Forum: Marriott’s Linnartz Sees Google as Effective Add-On to Direct Channels

Attribute-based reservations may go nowhere or they could transform the way people shop for hotel rooms in coming years. Marriott's Stephanie Linnartz believes consumers like the increased control they get when booking rooms with specific features.

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Skift Tech Forum: Amadeus Says Computer Vision Models Will Disrupt Aviation Tech

Computer vision algorithms will have a huge impact on airline and airport operations, according to Marion Mesnage, who heads up the research and innovation team at Amadeus, the travel tech giant.

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Editor's Picks
How Travel Brands Are Getting Wellness Right

Given the macro shift toward wellness in culture, it shouldn't be surprising that travel brands, with their expansive reach, need to be innovating in this space as well. Some of the smartest brands here are trying thoughtful new strategies to improve guest comfort and boost well-being.

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TripActions Teams Up With United Airlines to Offer More Efficient Booking

Going forward TripActions hopes direct connections with airlines can give it a leg up on the competition. Encouraging its customers to use the functionality, though, could be tricky.

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Travelers Are Becoming More Environmentally Aware. Has the Cruise Industry Noticed?

The cruise industry has historically benefitted from a consumer base that is broadly forgiving of its environmental missteps. But times are changing.

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